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  • kevinllieno kevinllieno Jan 20, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    comex disinformation and the real price of a silver eagle is exploding....

    Everybody and anybody who wants to know the price of a precious metal basically puts on kitco. sure there are other sources, but kitco basically is the Associated Press and Reuters all tied up into one. It is a private business that also is an information arm for the comex, or the crimex,i.e., the paper swindlers who have a limitless ability to tamp down the paper prices of pms. The government proxies are in there shorting away, each and every day. Ultimately the physical price will continue to move up, dragging the comex price higher, kicking and screaming all the way. Still, this will be a slow process. For instance, if you want to buy a single silver eagle from kitco, the price is 38.44 american. one ounce product, but the price of one ounce is a mythical paper price, quoted by kitco, from the crimex of $31.89. I have never seen the differential this high. Slowly, over the next 5 years, it should continue to get much higher. This is a 6.5 dollar differential, about 20%. Silver owners know that the U.S. government and bullion banks, j.p.morgan, short the paper price without any monetary limits on their ability to do so. They can short a billion dollars worth of paper silver next week, any day of the week, or more, a trillion dollars, if they want to. Limitless. But they won't because then the secret is out. Yes, if they short it without limitation, they can drive the price down maybe 5 bucks FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME, BUT THAT IS IT...., but the physical market may only go down 2 bucks, and this might only be for a month or two, and then, what you have is the real market, the physical market trading 30% percent higher than the paper or fake comex market. The silver cabal will not let the real market for silver trade 30 or 40 or 50% higher, thsi would reveal their phony market. So they must give ground, grudingly. They cannot and will not short more silver, because to do so will destroy their own credibility as crooked and corrupt advertisers. They want to be AN ANCHOR TO SILVER, BUT NOT BECOME TOTALLY DETACHED AND DRIFT AWAY. THEN THEY BECOME REVEALED AND MEANINGLESS. EVEN NEWBIES WILL BE ABLE TO SEE BEHIND THE CURTAIN. Still, the comex serves a terrific purpose: it lets the silver cabal and uncle same continue to advertise a phoney market. This is called disinformation. It is generally effective, especially if, as they say, most equity trading is based in the short term on market psychology. However, over time, every single study shows the markets are true and move on fundamentals.

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