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  • david.casciano david.casciano Jun 11, 2013 1:29 PM Flag


    LOL?????They will print and print and print.Value will ultimately be realized especially with silver.Some people look at the markets in such a UScentric fashion?Would i be buying silver when its at a 10 to 1 silver to gold ratio?Would i buy silver at a 65 to 1 ratio?hmmm 90 percent of all commodities ever produced have been consumed in the last 10 years.Traders are having a tough time.Investors who stick to their beliefs and due diligence will be rewarded.Why one would request an opinion when they are so rude ,angry and ignorant belies all rational comprehension.The cure for low prices with commodities is low prices.Longs stay focused this is a vicious battle that will end badly for fiat currencies all over the world.

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    • well your lesson is repetitive,what did you teach????the fed pump as i call print print print,CANT STOP,the fed has painted itself in a corner and are using perceptions to the markets to make them think they will TAPER....they cant!!!!!!if they dont print and debase and play the emergency g7 seesaw of forex manipulation by THE GLOBAL PPT....see yen/dollar carry trade unwind,anyhow print print print or cost of gov. servicing debt will be self mutilating so AGAIN print print print or default on their debt and petro dollar hegemony gone and you will see the biggest flood of dollars repatriating and guess country ever gets away with debasing their currency without catastophic repercussions.......hold gold and silver....its money/insurance/protection from gov.largesse.Dont lever with it or try trading will get crushed.

    • i'm going to explain this in the simplest terms possible. so even you can get it
      In one of 2 ways. Organic = people with jobs/money demand more goods = sustainable inflation and usually the Fed removes money from the system in order to curb “stupidity” = very healthy for the economy
      manufactured i.e. Fed pumping = this typ. Of inflation never last for longer than 12-18 months = Fed is forcing the Poor to spend as they are losing jobs, threat of losing a job looms, cost of living going up while wages $$$ going down = people don’t spend. Banks spend by buying Hard Assets like bankrupt companies for cheap (because they borrow from the Fed at 0.25% and lend out at business rates north of 5.25% and they hoard the cash.
      manufactured i.e. Fed pumping = this typ. Of inflation = Commodities go up as a trade – and fast in the short term but everyone knows it so it doesn’t last. And they usually come crashing down to earth

      school is out biaatchesss

    • deflation = bond market collapse, PMs up; inflation = dollar collapse, PMs up. Hold your physical PMs.

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      • if bond market collapse???it is....fed buying 75 percent of all issuance......print print print.......There is inflation in the wrong areas(consumer prices like food and energy tuition and rent) and deflation in the wrong areas like income,home values etc) print or die thats been my thesis and i will stick to it as NOTHING HAS CHANGED BUT MORE MANIPULATION of all markets!!!!!

    • correction...25 percent of goods and services produced in hx have been consumed in the last 10 years.Sorry for the mistake.

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