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  • kevinllieno kevinllieno Jun 26, 2013 5:14 PM Flag

    I believe gold is a lock for 1150; but then again, i bought the lies of Lenic....

    so who the heck knows, but do not gamble the future, you future, no way under any circumstances.
    If I am right, where will this leave aurcana? Forget Chris Doulos, a nice young guy who believes everything, and just several months ago was predicting this stock at 10 bucks a share, higher actually, forget that nice young man...........where will 1150 gold leave aurcana.............first of all, silver will be in the pits; that is a no brainer. Then, AND HERE IS THE BIG THEN, ......................two things i predict about this management team:

    1. they will not furlough shafter. no way do they furlough that mine. Lenic is too smart, way too good a CEO
    no way, no how, it bleeds to death. Lenic has his salary for another year, and his cronies who have control of this company. Two companies who have put their major asset on care and maintenance, aumn and husif, have, respectively taken immediate stock hits of almost 30%...

    Lenic will never do this, never. He is way too smart

    2. If silver accompanies gold down the tube to 1150, which is probably ,or assured really, what does it say ab out aurcana's profit margin at la negra? (forget about shafter)? well, Lenic is on record about how profitable that mine is, and has been, and how the reserves are so high, and hallaleiuha! ...........what about the reality? We shall see about LN's real profitability, presuming the guy's books are not cooked, or won't be cooked, in a tight truth squeeze.

    3. He needs money badly: previously he said we would be making 100 million net per year, shafter was in commercial production, which he prognosticated like a year we shall see about all of this
    Would any of you lend this guy a nickle?

    4. What if Silver next year decides to breach 1000.........and I believe it will. What will Lenic's share price be?

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