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  • clubfoolish clubfoolish Jun 28, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    terms of the new $50M loan facility?

    Anyone know the terms of the deal?

    I like that they have that potential cash in their hip pocket even though they will not likely need it...but it means they will not have to dilute shares for operational expenses or salaries (which should be cut for management for this qtr), even if silver stays this absurdly low for months (which it won't/can't imo).

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    • Don't worry about cash finding its way to Lenny the snarf and cut throughts pockets that's the reason they got the loan,maybe lenny gets three grand per month for auto expense now,for them life is good for retail share holder he did it to us again.

    • So, we really don't know the interest rate at which they *might* be borrowing, nor what length of time they have to pay it back (speaks to cash flow requirements, silver slaes, etc)...right?
      Could be a great deal, or could be a not so good deal. I guess we'll find out in due time.

      but like I said, the loan facility, at the least, guarantees that they have cash if they ever run low (like may happen if this is a protracted dip in silver prices), so they don't have to dilute.

      Shares can appreciate with the value of the reserves and the rise in production numbers over time.

      Nice beginnings of an up move these last 2 could do this another 10 times and *then* I'd be happy with the stock performance since I bought in.

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    • The significant aspect of the announcement is that Aurcana has or will shortly commence commercial production. The reason that the stock tanked so badly must have been concern that Aurcana would run out of money. That concern should be gone now.
      Any ones guess at what rate of capacity they are at.
      I would be happy with 25% in the third quarter then about 50% achieved in the fourth... and then 100% of the 1500 tones per day early next year.
      That would add near 250,000 ozs this third qtr... 500,000 in the fourth.... and 1,000,000 starting in the first qtr next year.
      Aurcana's story is the huge leverage to cash flow and earning that are going to flow from this rapidly growing production profile.
      At the 1.30 price level the company is valued at about 75 million ( book is about 175 million )
      Explosive upside from here.

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    • I agree... lows could be in and I am glad I bought yesterday at 1.13, but if it goes lower (probably based on lower PM prices) I will buy some more. I don't know of a cheaper stock in the industry, though their are quite a few out there...

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