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  • ezechiel7 ezechiel7 Jul 5, 2013 11:26 AM Flag


    If taper, interest rates approach market...but, if interest rates are at market, U.S. can not afford to roll...
    yes? ergo, no exit visible. Have i got this right?

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    • no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they cant stop qe to infinity....or default or hyperinflation...that piece of work mirz is a jpm lackie.....MOPE....jawboning...come sept. HUGE's stocks to the moon

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      • Sutts, Strosberg LLP announces investigation of Aurcana Corporation.

        comments ???

      • they cant stop qe to infinity ?? they've already stopped somewhat - this is called testing the Waters to see how strong the economy really is.....and, can it stand on it's own 2 feet.

        As for are dreaming. we don't even have inflation. look at the CPI
        you just don't get it. middle-class americans are being squeezed by rising Gas prices that raise the price of everything we use. SO we're spending less money on luxury goods and a lot more on everyday goods = basic goods
        that's not inflation - that's called deflation.....Hence, why the Fed did all the Qe's = to stimulate the economy - that's why it's called un-organic inflation and it never lasts long. Just look at the CPI
        it went up briefly and than, right back down. The CPI is at a critical point (look at the looks like 2008 all over again.....and in 2008-09 all PM's went to nothing - thats what you don't get. if the economy goes down there again, than there is no need for Silver or Gold/ it's all gone to hell) and the Fed knows that. If it breaks and goes lower, than the Fed must step in. If it hold's ??? than the Fed is ok with wait and see.

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