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  • david.casciano david.casciano Jul 12, 2013 12:15 AM Flag

    this is for mirz/moron....sorry its in dictionary and mb indulge me to confirm his similarity to the definition

    The bernak had to reverse his talk of taper as big banks...c,wells,bofa,jpm had brutal losses at first blush of bernak banks got crushed with interest rates rising destroyed securities on banks balance sheets....the bernak recanted!!!!!this is what i mean by qe to infinity/accomodative fed policy.......the fed is any bs response of a new ,modern,this is different kind of economy....folks i am being so polite to this young person....peace......hold phyzz ag first and foremost...imo only

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    • this shows how stupid you really are. You go down some 80-90% in 12-14 months and than get a small bounce and start feeding trash.
      listen, i can't help you. some are born to be kings and nobility. others, like you, will always be at the bottom. enjoy your dead cat bounce - won't last more than a few days.
      Deflation is here to stay
      the Fed can say whatever it want's but the signs are clear - if 3 trillion dollars by the US alone + Europe couldn't spur the economy, what makes you think that Burkake can make a diff. he can't and he knows it. The loopholes have closed. The rich hold all the real estate holdings. Corp. hold all the cash w/ Banks
      the Middle class + Poor are getting squeezed on a daily basis
      there's no excess CASH to spend

      moron - listen to me
      there's Inflation (organic) = buy gold/silver
      there's inflation (Gov created = it never lasts long and the aftermath is a disaster for the lower classes (like you)
      you are phucked and you know it. you are on the wrong side of a losing trade and you have been for over a year. let me remind you
      Silver at $35 = you were Long
      AUNFF at $9.50 = you were Long

      I was SHORT - look at my post
      that's a FACT

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