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  • ezechiel7 ezechiel7 Jul 18, 2013 1:36 PM Flag


    Central bankers, and/or surrogates, have been artificially depressing PM prices by flooding market with naked puts. This in an attempt to maintain the charade that scrip has value. To obtain the real value of PMs would require that naked shorting in commodities be illegal. That ain't goona happen.

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    • its simple supply and demand and will not last forever....derivitives,paper,pooled.unallocated,swaps....will LOSE IN THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT WE ARE WITNESSING IS A PAPER MARKETS RELEVANCE BECOMING LESS EVERY DAY WITH THE FIAT DOLLAR and the REAL MARKET PHYZZ GAINING RELAVANCE and wil ultimately be the real price discovery mechanism!!!ARE ALL YOU TRUE REAL MONEY ADVOCATES WILLING TO HANG IN THERE WHEN DEALING WITH THE IGNORANT LIKES OF MIRZY...THE JPM LAP DOG....HE PROBABLY IS THE ONE IN THE CARTOONS OF BLYTHE AND HER MINION AND HE'S THE MINION.Stand for truth and real honest money that is obtained the way our fathers/grandfathers obtained it.Hard,honest work and savings.peace


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