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  • sirsurfrod sirsurfrod Sep 3, 2013 5:11 PM Flag

    Same ol' record on the record machine

    I like to post here even thou I exited this pump 'n dump long ago...I see nothing has changed...getting the shaft on Shafter's the same ol' broken record, only they have a compadre to help delay the inevitable scam that's appropriately named Shaft-er now or shft-me later. I hope to get into some of you grapeheads the fact that this stock is a true pump and dump, fully controlled by shorting hedge funds, and to the benefit of Lenic and his ever increasing number of cohorts. He uses LaNegra's income to float Shafter, which he uses to hide and divert profits away from you, the bagholder, oops mean shareholder. They rally the stock all the while setting in their shorts for the opposite side crash that always follows. It's tradeable as mirzy sez, and after 1st disbelieving him (and losing money), I finally realized he was right as rain abt this piece of fools gold dust. So good luck and remember will see the full amount of that loan the day you see Shafter doing what they promoted from the beginning, which means...Nada, never, forget abt it, you knuckleheads! N'yuk N'yuk N'yuk...Woo Woo Woo!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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