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  • pepevega2001 pepevega2001 Jul 25, 2007 1:17 PM Flag

    Ah the TURD, the TURD!!!

    Yet another day with lower interest rates and yet another day with THE TURDEST of the turds in the stock market continuing going down... like 90 of the last 100 days. Smoking, smelly, unadulterated TURD. Amazing.

    Ah, but how about that "juicy" dividend, ah?

    Holders of this stock HAVE TO be total idiots fully deserving what's come to them.

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    • Could you explain the fundamentals that provoked you to make that statement. You really do sound like an advanced, educated investor and your reasons might help some of inadequate ones? Could you do that please? Or, do we just assume your another one of those twits who enjoy posting on bathroom walls?

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      • Oh, let me see... not that I have the slightest interest in showing you anything related to me, since you are a typical idiot bagholder with preconceived ideas that won't change regardless how much it costs you, but for the benefit of others lets just mention something so evident that no one even pays attention to it: Every big company and its aunts, from the americas to China, every single one, from oils to bios to techs, is FLOODED with money. FLOODED. To the point that they don 't know what to do with it. And what do they do -have been doing for many months, years even, by now- with it? Well they buy things (other companies, mostly). Things that GROW their business and their bottom lines. AND (besides that, mind you), the INCREASE their dividends.
        But, mostly, what they are doing left and right is BUYING THEIR OWN STOCKS. Mind you, buying it (by the BILLIONS, MANY BILLIONS), at close to their 52 weeks and even all time highs. Even you, I'm sure, are aware of this daily torrent of such announcements...

        Peculiarly, THE TURD, is MIA in that (and any other) departments. And that considering that it is trading at multiyear lows, what do you think it means... ballpark? Do you perceive it as a somewhat negative message. Ah no, I forgot there for a moment that you have quite a significant amount of money allocated in this TURD, with significant losses already and awaiting for the "juicy" dividend and some kind of little rebound to bail out with losses , but not as grave as they are now... all of this in the middle of the biggest rally Wall Street has ever witnessed. Therefore you won't admit to your mistake.

        And you will continue losing money while the TURD stinks the place to revolting levels.

        Oh, do you know why all of this is happening? I'll tell you: Because the management is in DUK with the SOLE purpose of taking all the money from shareholders (minus that "juicy" dividend, of course, that is the piece of rancid cheese that traps stupid mice/investors) and put it in their pockets through big fat (amazinly so) salaries and other perks.

        This is a LODER, smelly, smoking, unadulterated TURD that nobody wants, NOT EVEN its own management.

        Do you like your bathroom wall any better now? I didn't think so...

      • He is just a MORON basher who probably did'nt finish 10th grade. That is obvious by his stupidity.

    • iron_fiiiiiist_of_truuuuuth iron_fiiiiiist_of_truuuuuth Jul 25, 2007 2:40 PM Flag

      Dang - how short ARE you here?

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