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  • sync2grid sync2grid Feb 22, 2009 8:10 PM Flag

    Looks like Asia is Thrilled with Obama

    None of the markets like Obama and what he is doing.

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    • do not worry about the value of your home. home is home. // when the value of the idiot houses decline another 80%, buy. and rent to the idiots who lived in houses. // glass half full/empty. as fast as the glass gets tax fluids, congress sucks. be happy with life of no glass. duality is used to control you. // business opportunity: it cost bankers big time to foreclose. example: based on a $200,000.00 home, lost interest over 8 months =s around $10,000.00, security and cleanup $5,000.00+, real estate commissions + legal + title fees +++ comes to around $38,000.00; all totaling around $53,000.00. with free fall of home prices, banks should dump their inventories directly to managed companies who could give people lease with options to buy contracts. of course, government would fund the scam. as long as druggies were able to destroy good family neighborhoods. [did you know, to rehabilitate criminals, rapist and illegal drug users, your tax paid government looks for good neighborhoods to house them?]

    • My only point was that the market was responding today. Is all going to be fine. Who knows. Is your glass half full or half empty?

      I don't know nor have I read enough about the morgage bailout to have an opinion. On the surface, it looks wrong to spend tax dollars on individulas that have over extended themselves. On the other hand, if we let the affected real estate go into foreclosure and it sits unoccupied, doesn't that make the value of your home (or in your case, homes) decline even futher than they are now.

    • I don't owe PARA-BERRY an apology for anything. I spoke of approval ratings, not dis approval ratings. 68-63 is still five, not matter how you cut it.

      Since we are asking questions, How about my bet to you concerning approval ratings in four years?

      "In the future I would suggest that you make sure you know what you are talking about before you put in print."

      I would suggest you heed your own advice.

    • Seems to me that most of the Doom and Gloom is coming from the Nigerian. However, tonight might be different, his critics have forced him to promote some optimism. I'm going to turn on my uhmm meter.

      BTW, don't you owe Paragon an apology for your comments about the 17 percent? Or were you just going to ignore your mis-statments. Perhaps you knew the discrepency and thought no one else would catch it?

      In the future I would suggest that you make sure you know what you are talking about before you put in print.

    • The Fed Chair said today that the recession should ease by the end of the year. The street seems to be responding, somewhat. I honestly don't know what more can be done or said. The bill, as ugly as it is, has passed and is being implemented. Now we can only wait and see. Of course we also have to listen to the naysayers promoting their doom and gloom.

    • i would first off, stop ETF leveraged short selling.
      i would then at least say something about the banking plan.
      if uncertainty smells, obama is stinkin.

    • just be thankful we have somebody that can actually complete a sentence, rather than an idiot in the office right now.

      with all that is going on right now, if bush were still in, i'd be building a bunker.

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      • Yes, sentences that include uhmm, uhh or ahh as every third word. So if a sentence has more than 3 uhmm's is that a complete sentence? Generally, when people use these words it is because they are searching for something to say or nervous/insecure about the subject.

        Your comparison of these two men shows just how naive you are. Now go study some basic economics and then go to recess.

    • WALL STREET is pissed...the theft is OVER


      The VOTERS are on Main Street

      No big bonus and being terminated on Wall Street then no CASH to House Members and Senators.

      The world changed have been Fuc*ing the shit out of retail sheep....they are GONE and NOT comming back....

      Will be one big circle jerl of daytraders now....


    • Most of America is thrilled with President Obama.

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      • Think about what you just said, Most, implies 70-90 percent does it not?...go back and look up the margin of votes that got him elected. Nearly 50 percent of us didnt vote for him, so do not say most. half maybe, but not most. Since his approval rating is slipping according to NPR and who knows maybe they are lying to, mainstream news lies all the time, why not them. Still, I wouldnt say most.....

      • I don't know if they are thrilled. Maybe just relieved after having a retarded one for so long. Has anyone saw him?? Still hiding I guess. Can't blame him. His poll numbers are still lower than snake shit. At least the GOP is gone for this decade or longer. rush and the sheep still crying.

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