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  • C_TREKIE C_TREKIE Apr 5, 1998 7:57 PM Flag


    Duke stock is hot......
    which is why I bailed out (@ 60)

    Per the 3/26/98 issue of the Charlotte Observer...
    Since 8/97, DUK has trailed the Utilities Index and
    also CP&L and SCANA. It has also trailed the SP500 for a
    number of years.

    It's a good stock but not the "outstanding and nothing
    is going wrong" scenario management is laying out.
    As a long time contractor at one of their power plants,
    I can say with confidence be WARY!

    I still own the stock but have cut back. The risks are
    too great.

    I prefer to hold prime takeover candidates with low costs
    and no or very limited nuclear liability.

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    • The Breakfast Report is a publiction for
      employees that gets its name from the meetings that take
      place in Houston or Charlotte.
      A member or members
      of upper management met with a number of employees
      at certain times and discuss issues that pertain to
      the company's operations and the surrounding business

      Also they take questions from the audience or they can
      take them via E-Mail. It is then published and sent to
      troops in the field. Sometimes it is quite interesting.

    • Im not familar with breakfast report, please advise some info. thanks

    • Does anyone have any insight into what is coming in May/June period as noted in the breakfast report?

    • Let's see. Those names Fred and Nonk sound awful familiar. Just curious if either or both of you live south of I-10 in Louisiana.
      Go DUKE!!! Let's Ride!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Y'all relax, you're ridin' wit tha big dog now.DUK at 70$/sh.7/1/98.

    • NONK81
      Hang in there. You will enjoy the ride. I guarantee!!!!! Only hazard
      is market crash,but lets not think negitive. To many good reasons to be positive!

    • Wheat First Ups Duke Energy To Buy From Outperform

      Now, can we get this puppy off its 100-day MA?

    • No sir, I am self employed pest control operator, and in no way work for Duke. My company has never done any work for Duke either. I am only a very satisfied customer and shareholder!!!!!

    • Annual turnover rate of 2.3%.Draw your own conclusions about this matter.

    • Be more specific/...why are you wary?Please name lower cost producers or merger candidates.Thanks.

      • 1 Reply to flatwood_farms
      • very briefly.....

        Duke's nukes are continuously running over budget on maintenance, operations and engineering. Brain drain (from layoffs and
        fed up employees) has contributed to excessive labor OT, higher than anticipated #s of contractors, lax cost controls (supplies,
        adherence to working hours etc.). Upcoming issues...relicensing for Oconee Station (mega $$$ for upgrades), spent fuel storage, high
        overhead for employees (pay and benefits) etc. If nuke is so cheap why are the owner partners trying to bail out of the Catawba

        Do not listen to management or analysts...get to know and talk to the employees and customers. For example, Duke was recently rated #1 for customer satisfaction, however, what they didn't tell you was that their rating fell 8% point from previous year. Rated #1 is meaningless, the drop is a forboding sign.

        Even after filtering out the emotional discontent from they can supply detailed information on some looming issues that need to be addressed.

        Duke's mentality has always been somewhat arrogant. "We are the best and the rest of the world can learn from us." This still holds true to a large extent.

        Point: Duke's expertise is in generation....all of its subsidiaries contribute but a portion of the profits.

        I own (bought when dirt cheap) but not buying (or selling). I cannot justify buying stock that has historically lag the overall market and will probably continue to on a long term basis. It is not a safe, defensive stock anymore! Full de-regulation will be a bloodbath.

        In summation look for low or no nuclear exposure and utilities who have cheap rates in fast growing areas of the country. High costs and that looming threat of a mishap poses risks. Buy on drastic dips, have a loooong term horizon and if you want utilities diversify into 2 or 3, maybe even an aggressive marketer with no generation assets. Do not get me wrong, Duke is a good stock but look beyond the propanganda.

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