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  • ken_davis_ohio7 ken_davis_ohio7 Feb 1, 2013 9:20 AM Flag

    No contracts with any carrier announced, more failed promises

    Despite the lies posted on this board by the same character who has been posting lies on this board for years and the same guy who is stuck in this stock at silly high prices and the same guy who pumps away here day after day... there is NOTHING at all to report from the actual company. The moment they had a contract last year they announced it and then that contract for good reasons was pulled and they announced that. If they had a contract they would announce it.

    Prudent has done the same thing over and over and over and over here for years. He posts lies in order to get unsuspecting reads of this board to join him in losing money. Sad but true

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    • time to lie

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    • you are using a php rating script to manipulate the board outcome, but I do not think that you can influence the shareprice....

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    • FYI-- the Blues are signing one at a time. Watch them number of lives covered JUMP to over 100M by March's CC.

      How can I say this? Look the rapid rise in the yearly Maternit21Plus test rate...many things are driving that but insurance is certainly the most significant.

      IMO, 100M+ lives convered would be enough to allow an accounting method switch. But consider this, the current method includes a "backlog of cash" that will flow into the company a Q to a Q 1/2 later...and that FLOW is growing not shrinking.

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    • You sound like a little child screaming: "But you promised!" "But you promised!" "But you promised!"
      There were no promises made just goals and if you look at their goals for 2012 they accomplished all the ones they had control over. Contracts have to be signed by two parties.

      Of course you don't exaggerate to support your position do you?

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    • I believe that the company clearly stated about 6 months ago that they will not announce any signed contracts with insurance companies they will only announce "lives covered". Not sure why everyone is hung up on these announcements unless they are from shorts trying to make the company to look like they are missing milestones. I think maybe that is what is going on.

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      • 1 Reply to belkin2468
      • Don't think so Belkin. They will not announce minor contracts. Because else they need to do a PR every week. Major contract do get announcements ( what is logical ). Think even a an*list one time asked about that, and they confirmed this, so why do people keep trying to hide the truth, that there just has been no Major National Payer signing up. Its nothing to be ashamed about, its just ... a fact.

        Besides, we know from the numbers from 2012, only a few weeks ago, that the Coverage rate has not gone up, to indicate any major payer. Almost all seem to be from small regional payers.

        This opens the question up AGAIN, as to why they find it impossible in a year time, to sign up any major payers. Some of those actually have less clients, then the current coverage from Sequenom with local payers!

        There is actually no reason for them to "hide" that they got a big payers contract. And up to now, there actually has been no proof that any major payer has signed a contract. Wellpoint that Pru keeps yelling about just issued a number ( and it did so, for the other competitors also, a point that is being overlooked. In other words, that was looks to be done for easier administration ).

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