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  • benjiro33 benjiro33 Feb 14, 2013 4:48 PM Flag

    2013, a month and half have passed.

    So current progress?

    * Still no major payers ( from the 3 promised in 2013 ).
    * Still no major payers ( from the 2 from 2012 ).
    * Still stuck below $5 range ( even getting to $4.7 seem to be a major task again ).
    * No new PR's beyond the expanded test. Did not exactly great a major buzz.
    * Still no PR to confirm the Q4 2012 earnings date.
    * Still no news after 5 weeks from our supplier becoming our competitor. Harry must be on some serious drugs to still be "puzzled". Kind of hard to "support our stock", when you can not even communicate with the Investors about key news. ;)

    Its getting kind of boring actually. For all the small details that we see ( more hiring people, more support from Payers, ... ), there really are not exactly any "exciting" events going on. Well, beyond our own supplier, crashing our stock down, and putting us in a negative spiral for 5 weeks. Technically, if it was not for a few days that we recovered, we WILL have been back in the $3 range. Just some food to snack upon.

    And then we have the stranger trading pattern of 80% of the time, dropping into red at market opening, and strange large trades showing up more & more.

    Thing that bothers me, is that next month, we get Q4 report. But then we need to wait another 2 months and halve be get any more news. Seeing as how little Sequenom communicates between Earnings... It means we are waiting almost 3 months, before we know if Q1 will see a decrease in loss ( sloooowly going towards profit or not? ).

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    • Why don't you stop crying in your beer. This will go up in due course!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Benji, I was thinking the same this week. We totally have to wait for earnings to hear what they are up to. And even then they don't devulge much information, or at least anything that we didn't already know. And the up and down spikes everyday makes me wonder if the people that have been shorting this forever finally have a little competition. It seems like each day it's a battle between a large long and short player. It's as if this new "long" is keeping it afloat until the next piece of news. I agree that this would probably be in the 3's if it weren"t for the daily spikes.

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      • I really doubt we would be in the 3's without the spikes, or rather, we aren't in the 3's because we weren't going into the 3's and that's why we had the spikes. Anyway, there does seem to be a fight going on and we are all enjoying watching it I hope. I prepared myself back in November or December in case we did hit something like $3.50, but that didn't happen, and it won't. Hey, what it is. There certainly is something fairly big going on and that's fine with me.

    • Aetna, Humana, Wellpoint/blue cross are now covering. That's progress. And how do you know for sure we haven't signed on a major?

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      • I know we have not signed up a major payer, because if we did, we will have seen a PR.

        This falls under SEC rules as material events! A major payer with a contract, ... The small one's those can be ignored. But not a major payer. Anything that has a major impact to a company's working need to be reported.

        The problem we have is, how Sequenom seem to interpreted this. There are a lot of details that we figure out, but that Sequenom does not report. They also do not do any rumor control / information control. That building next to the HQ, that they leased according to the brokers. They never gave any official response to this.

        I can claim that Sequenom just acquired my company, and given there track record, they will stay quiet. Sequenom is there own worse enemy when it comes down to image control.

        But i truly do not think the have a Major Payer. All we have as evidence is that 3 major's are now supporting, ALL of the T21 tests. Because we have some information, and a tracking number.

        But a exclusive contract. No offense: But do you not think that our media happy little competitors, ( who are also showing up at those Major's there information page ), do you think that they just like Sequenom will stay quiet about a Payers contract? Like hell ... They will be screaming it from the roof tops. So, this information that we have from Wellpoint/blue cross etc, is just basis support for the test, but no exclusive contract in place.

        And its those exclusive contracts that we need, because it allows us to change accounting ( for everything billed to that provider ). Remember, they clearly said, they are only going to chance accounting, on a provider to provider base, as they get contracts with them!

        Also, how long do you think things will stay quiet. if they signed a major payer, weeks ago, months ago... A few higher ups know about it. They tell somebody, those tell somebody else... And you get a rumor about a contract being signed. No way they keep it quiet this long, without a rumor showing up.

        Maybe i'm wrong. I will admit it. But we all know how Sequenom works. Up to now, it sure as hell does not look, like there is any contract signed.

        Remind me of the FDA ... long time that we hear anything back from that. Last year they where talking. Then they did not even bother reporting any "talking" regarding the FDA, because everything was delayed again.

        This is also a critical point, because if Illumina can be the first to announce a trail for there Verinata. Major negative for Sequenom as market leader to not be able to convince the FDA.

      • Isn't that information news worthy??? Why wouldn't they be sending news out about it?

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