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  • readpredatornation readpredatornation Mar 20, 2013 10:47 AM Flag


    Court of appeals decision possible any day, according to HH.
    End of April earnings call.
    Short interest at 15 days to cover.
    13F filings due at end of quarter.
    Reimbursement will happen. Just a matter of how much and when.

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    • still waiting for their late annual report. as for how much and that is why we are at $4.20

    • Let me put something strait:

      Do NOT trust Harry's 45 day statement. They have made claims like that before, and never got them ( 2 National Payers, months numbers reporting, Accounting changeover ... its a long list ).

      Harry's statement is just like everybody else, wet finger guesswork. It can take 1 day, it can actually take another 6 months... Harry's guess, was more or less, on a average based. But if the court wants to take there time, they can easily wait until almost end of the year. And everybody here like a bunch of lemmings, waiting for that day.

      And take in account, if we lose this, it can also be a catalyst for MAJOR RED... This is not a 100% sure bet. We needed to have won this months ago, but all it took was one bleeding heart judge, and voila. And the real battle is not Ariosa, but Illu-Verinata.

      Reimbursement is still out of network, and will stay so for a while it seems.

      Short interest days to cover = USELESS AS HELL. Shorts never played ball, and do whatever they want, as we have seen for years and years.

      End of April earning call... given how "helpful" the management has become with information, is this really a catalysts?

      Just saying, do not count your chickens...

    • JAPAN!!!!!

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