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  • prudenttrader7 prudenttrader7 Sep 16, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

    Sequenom Is Willing To Waive Going For A Preliminary Injunction And Go Straight To Trial


    with Ariosa, Natera and Verinata. Trial likely to take place in December. Looks like Sequenom strengthen there case againstAriosa and Natera. Verinata had claims on both sides.

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    • This is from Leerink's report last week, 5th paragraph or so --

      "Sense of urgency evident for SQNM. SQNM indicated during the
      proceedings that it would be willing to forego its preliminary injunction
      and even go to trial v. all three parties (Ariosa, Natera and Verinata)."

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    • Illston was not going to grant injunction anyway, so it may have been the best move, unless they could add on that unless trial starts by a certain date, injuction kicks in automatically.

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      • I believe this was expressed as a way of emphasizing that Sequenom has made it clear that an injunction was requested multiple times, but ignored by Judge Illston, and that it's the court in large part that has materially and financially harmed SQNM and its owners perhaps beyond repair for failure to heed our requests and rightfully grant the injunction in a timely fashion. This should give us greater leverage when exacting damages, including punitive damages further down the line, although in many ways the damage is done.

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    • Probably the biggest BS i have ever read. Assuming that Prud7 is not making things up, ... its just insane.

      They wasted how much money dealing with the injunction: One year and half... that's a million or more, just on this case. And now they just decide to skip a injunction, and go for trail.

      That makes no sense at all. Especially when they had the entire backing from the Appeal Judges...

      So December court case? Yea right ... First move that Ariosa will do: DELAY! DELAY! DELAY! And possible verdict April 2014...

      Please ... that means 7+ Months at minimum where Ariosa can just openly market there products, and sell. And even when there is a court decision: Appeal from Ariosa. Delay again.

      A move like that is like say: Well, darn all the time we wasted on our move, we are just changing tactics now. And of course delaying any possible "positive" news that the shareholders are waiting for.

      Are they actually deliberately trying to sabotage the shareholders??? Because as far as i can tell, this injunction was the only "event" left this year, able to give the stock a boost. Q3 numbers are not going to do it. And Q4 numbers are for 2014.

      Please shareholders, be even more patient. Until we need to raise cash! O wait, lets not forget about that joke.

      Think my blood pressure is reaching new heights just reading bs like this.

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      • Why would anyone believe anything Prudent posts here? His legacy on this board is that of complete BS. For several years he has posted lie after lie after lie here, even going so far as claiming he was an attorney until he was exposed and backed off of that lie.

        Don’t you get it? He is stuck in this stock at very very high prices and he will say and post anything he can to try and get people to join him.

        Remember when he was sure they were going to be granted an injunction last year? Then, when they weren’t, he turned around and claimed he knew all along they would not get the injunction and that was a good thing. He had posted for weeks leading up to the no injunction ruling that the stock would pop huge once they got the injunction. All we have here today is more of the same lies.

      • Don't forget the next cash raise.

    • If thats true. thats BS and Sequenom should be sued be everyone of us !!

    • so does this mean that the 2 months of "the injunction is coming next monday,, tuesday," etc posts were totally off base and once again, you have no clue how the court system works?

    • Based on what?

    • Not liking that at all. The Appeals Court stopped just short of granting the injunction but didn't want to embarrass Ilston.

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      • BT,
        As disappointing as it sounds, it may have been the smarter move. As such, SQNM has given the judge a "way out" of an embarrassing situation for her. If they force her to decide on an injunction, she must eat crow and reverse her prior decision based on Appeals court decision and remand. Going straight to trial she avoids reversing her decision but has all the constructive comments from the Appeals court in making her final decision. I think SQNM is thus smart because they are better off just simply winning at trial.

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