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  • dennislo20l3 dennislo20l3 Oct 31, 2013 8:10 PM Flag

    Fun fact! There are 730 posts with the word injuction in them in just the last 3 months!

    How many of them do you think have the word IF in them? lololololol

    This is why you deserve these losses! You wouldn't even CONSIDER the POSSIBILITY of losing the case! No sugar coating, that what a FOOL does!

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    • case isnt over just delayed again by proven incompetent judge who seems to be reaching for anything she can to rule against sequenom and their patent rights. I think im gonna start importing copies of iphones from china and sell them under a new name.

    • Do you have a life? You know, in the human sense? Did you really count them? Your family must be really proud of how you conduct yourself here. What a pathetic existence finding pleasure in losses of others, Then again, treating people like cr@ p on an anonymous web site takes loads of talent for an upstanding mensa like yourself.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to aart8facts
      • artifarts. No you idiot, I simply typed "injunction" in the search box and presto, yahoo says 730 posts! Of course with your limited intellect that would be too clever for you to understand so what do you do? You assume I counted the posts!

        You want to talk about families? What do you tell your family about your sqnm disaster? Do they know you have squandered 60% of your investment here while the market hits all time highs? Do they know you are throwing about part of their financial future through your stubborn ignorance? What excuses do you make?

        No, I'm not like you! YOU would have to count the posts, whereas I type 9 characters and click search to get the answer. YOU buy a stock and hold it for a 60% loss, I don't. Get it?

      • The guy has been posting non-stop he probably has more than 730 posts today alone! Definitely has some mental issues..

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