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  • bal2_2 bal2_2 Nov 9, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

    1 day wonder or does this have legs ?

    Anyone care to guess?

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    • FYI - regarding this question - we were at 2.10 when he wondered if we had any legs.

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    • I said before the conference call that the issue most important to this company would be reimbursement and covered lives which is directly related. Second was a trend involving cash burn. Those things happened this quarter as Revenues of 44 million came in above the consensus and earnings loss of -.19 came in better then expected. Covered lives came in at 90 million which puts them on target for there 120 million covered lives goal for 2013. In regards to cash burn there was definitely a reversal and now analysts are already saying revenue for the fourth quarter will be 48.66 million with a loss of .16. So with this reversal in site I would say you will see stock price appreciation in the quarter here. The sale of the GA business and that would be icing on the cake.

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    • Large legs. $50M in collectable-legs. The same $50M they would have received from a secondary.


      Now, we have a number to look and a back-door infusion so to speak every Q.

      $50M in collectables, also points to this: had they collected every cent over the last 2 Qs., SEQ. was very very close to break even.

      SEQ. put tow very big items in play here:
      1. Collect collect collect/ mitigate need to raise.
      2. improve the quality of the customer via in-net. coverage and future collections will drop.
      3. Expenses are dropping Q2Q due to staff cutbacks/ end of rent obligation etc.

      The favorability of this cannot be over-stressed. The Street guys will pick up on this and tout it. Some hedgies that are still short will reverse.

      Key for SEQ...after OE next week, SEQ. needs to begin to drop some market driven news, NOT "inside-baseball" but market driven events.

      Here's a question for FDA-heads: Lets say SEQ submits their clinical study for high risk T21, lets say it comes back at 99.2% accurate and the FDA approves it. Will the second submitter of a high risk T21 clinical study have to MATCH SEQ.'s results to receive approval? There a huge issue at play here...why would the FDA approve a second method, as Ari-Nat-Veri claim, if any of those "second" methods are not as efficient as SEQ's Maternit21Plus???

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    • Only if you're a day trader. In 1 to 3 years it does not matter. SQNM nipt can only get bigger and their business is booming. Therefore, sp has only one way to go is up.

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    • That's the magic question. We'll have to wait to see the price action on the next few trading days. If volume drys up quick I have a feeling they will try and keep downward pressure on. I couldn't believe it didn't break out and up towards the end of the day. They kept it in a tight range even with all that volume. It could be a tug of war for a while.

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      • stay patient guys... we are getting renewed interest from the long side and i suspect some shorts will cover before Q4 results. i for one just averaged down big time after the call. almost sold after illston's ruling but decided to hold out for Q3 CC. this can easily double (or more) if Q4 continues in the right direction. my wife works at a well known NYC hospital and Materniti21 is by the most widely used NIPT there given it's track record and reliability.

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      • trader, the downward pressure is the day of earnings, it has been for months for all of the NASDAQ. Usually the week after is buying week, and I do not expect differently for SQNM, they should rally to well over $3/share and then pull back to $2.50/share. Now that is saying the market holds together. I am also expecting a pretty big year end rally in December going into early January. All this said, whatever I say is going to be wrong, so reverse it.

      • Correct. It was surprising it didn't increase more yesterday. We are talking about a company that is worth $7-$8 based on comparables and is in a leading position in its space. They have had a lot of mismanagement with Hixson and company but to a potential buyer that doesn't matter. Unfortunately SQNM is really bad about investor relations as well. When they have good news they will put it out on a dead Friday. When they have bad news they put it out on a Monday or Tuesday. Completely backwards.

        I think the nearest term potential catalyst will be some upgrades next week. The next big catalyst before the Q4 call will be the sale of the GA business or FDA approval. Any news on getting reimbursed for all the accounts receivable and insurance company receivables will be massive. It puts this company into positive earnings.

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