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  • dalawman66 dalawman66 Jun 27, 2011 9:12 PM Flag

    Spencer, Idaho is only 140 miles from Butte, Montana.

    ZZZ- You are welcome!! Also,Thank you for the kind words.
    When I went into the mineshaft with their geologist Zane Smith, we traveled about a quarter of a mile to see a couple of fellows doing definitional Drilling. The cores that are removed are handed over to the geologists who examine them constantly. TLR just gave Zane an assistant named Eric to further expedite the handling of these cores.
    Water:We did stop at 2 areas that had water that was pooled and dammed off. Zane told me they take water samples almost every day from these pooled areas. He said the water is very pure and that he would have no problem drinking it. One of the workers told me that he has taken a drink from both of the pools I saw and it is ready to be bottled LOL! The water is monitored in order that they remain in compliance with the developmental permits given to them earlier by the State.
    I only saw 2 "workers" in the mine and did not ask if they had already exceeded the 10,000 ton sample limit.I did not observe any blasting but I did not ask if they plan on removing any more rock tonnage. The mine is not "mothballed".
    On a side note, the mine temp was 45*-50* but both of the workers were in short sleeve tee shirts!! Hardy folks in the Rockies I say!! The mine is somewhere around 8,000 feet up and there were a few snow flakes that fell outside even though it was mostly sunny day. I still can't figure where the precipitation came from!!!
    Z I need to reiterate something I said earlier but apparently not with enough clarity for some others on the Board. I believe that the DEQ will give TLR the necessary permits to mine later this year. TLR and SMD have gone the extra mile to answer the questions raised by the DEQ and others IMO. But that is not the real problem that I fear.
    The final arbiter of this matter may well be the courts. If a suit is filed, the only way TLR can go forward to mine this mountain and its Gold treasure is with a final non appealable order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.THis could be in the form of a Consent Decree. Do I want a suit filed?? NO Way Jay. I am underwater already by the erosion of the Stock price. I need BH to be a winner as much as everyone else who owns.Do I feel a law suit may be filed when the permit issues- Yes and that is why I feel the stock has had some problems moving up
    Am I bashing the company. Not at all- though any one who reads what I write has a right to be skeptical about a new poster on the Board. The solution. Take a Delta flight to Butte and see for yourself. Delta is the only commercial air carrier that flies into Butte and only through Salt Lake City I might add. TLR people will gladly take the time to show you around and answer your questions.
    Ed Petka aka Dalawman66

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