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  • warmcamp warmcamp May 7, 2012 6:41 PM Flag


    It is about time to get this knowledge (re: dilution); better late than never. By the way, it’s also good time to say thankyou to this board’s pumpers telling for long time stories that everything is ready for production; just get permit and go forward to huge riches. What the point to spend $10-15M capex if everything is ready?

    Please note that capex doesn’t include S&GA expenses (i.e. payroll) and/or exploration/drilling in another project. Management did great job, firstly, by getting rid of profitable division and, secondly, by bailing out JV partner (that was likely unable to find these 10-15M) by giving up the last cash.

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    • Warmcamp your obviously being sarcastic.

      Selling the drilling business was a huge blunder.

      It makes sense why they did it They had to pay ron guil back because he is broke from the butte financing.

      I am sorry but this management team is a bunch of morons. If they still had the drilling revenue they wouldn't have to dilute.

      15 million at .20 cents a share. ouch thats going to hurt!

      Something didn't feel right to me and I dumped the rest of my position at .49 cents glad I did.

      I feel bad for the bagholders!

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      • One of the main reasons I bought TLR years ago was because of the drilling revenue.

        I figured they would be able to keep a low float for the blu sky exploration( getting Butte online)

        The shorts know TLR will have to raise money( sell shares) so they will take this turd down to .20 cents.

        Management has completely destroyed this company and its stockholders!

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