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  • mfzoom mfzoom May 11, 2012 6:50 AM Flag

    TDI Sale didnt matter.

    I agree about the unforseen costs of the water facility.

    first off you numbers are off on butte.

    750,00 oz of gold over 10 year mine life that is recent information.

    secondly you speak of 1 million for TDI.

    Thats Profit! after all other expenditures.

    Like property leases, like management and other day to day stuff. and money for exploration on Neveda Thats all gone now. so your 1 million you you speak of is the profit, all the other money paid for the other stuff.

    That is why the drilling bus was so important to keep.

    So wheres that money going to come from now to pay for that stuff bud.

    The drilling business generated 30 million a year in revenue! That was all TLR expense money!

    Everything they pay for now will have to be through debt!

    This company will bleed to nothing.

    As far as we know there maybe to much water for them to even remove hence denying the permit for good.

    Not a pretty sight.

    Next time you right something down you better get your numbers straight.

    Im glad you think 30 million a year is nothing.

    Even though some that money went for drilling repairs and payroll, but not all of it.

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