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  • ratn0007 ratn0007 Feb 1, 2008 5:03 PM Flag

    Today's Jump???

    I was wondering the same. Not that I'm complaining since I own some shares. I wish I had more free money to put into retail right now.

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    • The whole retail group is up about the same including struggling companies like Pier 1 (PIR).

      So I doubt it has anything to do specifically with DSW.

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      • Sorry Britches! I have never paid any attention to Pier 1 except when I see a store closing and there may be a deal.
        I was attempting to get some discussion going specifically on DSW.

        I feel I know enough about what is going on to feel that DSW cannot be just following the whole retail group down.

        DSW used to be the ROST and TJX of shoes. DSW changed its business model to specialty retail and the slide began. At the same time, ROST and TJX have gone up. Maybe DSW is following the other shoe retailers down. ROST and TJX are selling a lot of shoes.

        DSW will soon unveil their e-Store business. That will also have a potential impact on their store business. Unless something happens, it looks like the DSW slide could continue.

      • Well your wrong.

        You cannot compare DSW to Pier 1 which has had a 12 month high of $9 and peaked way back in 2004 when it began its "slide" down and is now liquidating stores across the country. When is the last time anyone has been in a Pier 1? Oh.

        Again, DSW slid from $44 to $15 in less than 12 months!

        Why? DSW leadership changed the concept, changed the price points, changed their rewards program, lost/changed (drove off) their base customer, changed out store management, changed the store work force, and continued to invest in new stores (a concept that the consumers are not accepting), etc. etc. and tanked the performance.

        Who is BAMCO? Who is Invesco? I hope they are not managing the retirement for any teachers I know. Why are they sitting idly by just watching?

        Is leadership investing in their own company? Not. Sure one bought 10K shares in June and Sept. What did he alone know in June and Sept. that none of the DSW executives knew? Is RVI really driving DSW's direction? Oh, yes he dumped 203K of almost free stock in Nov. So what did he know in Nov? I am surprised the stock never went to $3.

        We got some multi-million dollar salaries leading this mess.

        DSW should be mopping up on the stumbling of Payless and Shoe Carnival. In the meantime take a look at TJX. Zappos is too far ahead. DSW's e-store? Too late. DSW needs to fix their core brick and mortar business.

        OK I give up. I'm done here. LOL.

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