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  • joinmy10church joinmy10church Nov 15, 2010 12:25 PM Flag

    ODP has transformed itself

    into an electronics store..Visited both a ODP and Staples this weekend..Neither very busy..Got great service at Staples..ODP customer service leaves a lot to be desired..Man, are their shelves stocked with every imaginable electronic device..Not your traditional office supplies..
    Hope it works for them..Like I said, should have a free ream of paper with printer purchase..Staples employee took the time to explain to me the the various printer features and ink use of the different manufactures..I have the ink gobbling HP..

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    • Please refrain from even posting to me with your childish rants. You have no idea of my stock position, and I am trying to have a meaningful exchange with an intelligent person, which your blowhard exchanges indicate you do not comprehend

    • Thanks for that info. It seems like whenever I go into a store all i see is import merchandise on clearance or at drastically reduce prices. It seems like the import product is all fashion stuff instead of basics and a lot of it looks like Target rejects

      wondering if the guys like Schmidt and Mahurn are next out the door or are they teflon coated

    • I can't get into BSD contracts with you since that is not my area of knowledge, so anything that I said would probably not be accurate. As for the management question, I will guess that you are referring to upper corporate management. 95% are oblivious and act like the stock is at an all time high. Most of them are like Odland and don't understand the ramifications of the decisions that they make on a daily basis. Corporate management does have middle and lower management spooked as there have been RIF layoffs throughout the company in the last 30-45 days. There is a plan for increased direct import merchandise in the near future even though we have an already high volume. As for results of the direct imports. You'll see a slightly positive result in the short term and then IMO it will go negative for a good while. Volume is too high and merchandise will sit in stores.

    • Keep holding on to all of your stock in OD and we'll see who the fool is................

    • Why do you feel the need to use so many user id's here ? Mikey/austin/maajr and no telling how many others are all the same person. I don't think anyone is fooled by it. I just wonder what the point is ?

    • Henry you need a life,and let me ask you this, what do you know about investing?Not much,cause your down double digits this year while im up 25%...Your a pathecic lonely old man.

    • Bull crap. OD still has all the office supplies that any company needs.

      At any given time, I can go into OD, OMX, or SPLS, and find very few customers on the floor. Does that mean they are all doing bad?

      Business is slow everywhere. Or haven't you noticed over the past couple years?

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      • I have to agree with joinmy10church. We (OD) have lost our vision that we once had. Odland was only interested in increasing sales volume and assuming margin would follow. Tech items are an easy way to immediately accomplish the increase in sales. Then the drop in margin starts. Of course, store level employees are forced to cram PPP's and tech services down the customers throat or get fired! Well, you know the rest of the story.

        I know this article was posted earlier, but please read the beginning of the article.

        Here's some of the article:

        "Most companies that fail over time do so because of a series of modest mistakes made by generations of management. Markets shift and corporations are slow to adapt. Strategic acquisitions, which could change a company’s future for the better, are ignored or passed up. And, perhaps most common of all, a company begins to decline because it loses the creative spark of its founder or the input of employees that are the company’s creative engine."

        "The firms on the 24/7 Wall St. list of companies that will never recover from their mistakes are all still in business. Each firm was a leader in its industry, if not the leader, but made a critical error or errors that destroyed their chance to have a brighter future."

        As I read this, I could only think of Office Depot. It describes exactly what has happened to OD over the last several years.... It's a real shame!!!

      • Ha, ha, ha, yea it's the economy, yea right. Staples and Office Max dropped 20-30% when the economy tanked, but our company dropped 90% + ??? You guys sound like the same corporate management team that keeps lying to us even though we are in the same building. News does trickle down, ya know. Yea, everyone is doing bad. Oh the economy, boo hoo hoo. The fact of the matter is that Office Depot has no clue on how to compete with the competition in the current market environment. Managements answer to all of this is to keep cost cutting and push the employees for more production while cutting hours. Meanwhile they pay a part time interim CEO slacker a compensation package equal to over 4 million a year. What a joke. I feel that in 12-24 month 41,000 people will lose their jobs, me included.......... F-U-C-K this place, I am really starting to hope we go bankrupt, and soon.

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