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  • officedepot_is_trash officedepot_is_trash Aug 15, 2011 2:23 AM Flag

    So glad I left this dump of a company

    Never have I been happier in my life than after I left this joke of a company. I was a store manager for 3 years....what a waste. I am almost embarrassed to put in on my resume. No one respects a retail manager who has 12 employees and does $3-$8 million a year in sales. Thank god I had some large retail experience prior.

    I liked Office Depot for a while. The job was easy. The DM in Houston is kind of a douche (D26) and the rest of the store managers are pretty pathetic to be honest, but it was easy so I stayed there for a while.

    But man... who ever doesn't see the writing on the wall and stays there I really feel sorry for you. You can look at the portal and see sales for the district and region and everything is blood red. There hasn't been a positive comp in years. 4 years of year over year double digit negative comps....pathetic.

    This place is a joke. I was and am still embarrassed for Tech Depot. Really...hook a PC up to a table out in the middle of the sales floor and expect that to look professional? Way to not even try to hide the fact that there are no knowledgeable people on location. Why not put this thing in the back room and pretend that there are techs on site.

    There there is the way we cheated the public. Taking markdown items and "bundling" in the plan and pass it off as the real price. How deceitful. Why not operate with integrity? Every time something went Discontinued we would screw someone with lies and a false price. Then when the customer saw this at the register the BS began to flow as we backtracked and said whatever we had to.

    I love how we are expected to motivate $7.75 part time employes. No wonder there is so much shrink and everyday on real outs there are 50 new missing items. what a Joke.

    Some of the managers better pray that OD stays open forever. These guys think they are at the apex of retail doing $4000 a day. None of my peers would last a day in a real $70M a year retail environment.

    There was some good. It was easy.....the pay was weak but to never work a weekend for a while was nice. Decent chicks came in every now and again. Selling was easy..teaching the selling was easy....but in the end I realized that it was a sinking ship....poor upper management.

    I know people are going to call me a basher...or a loser for posting but I am just sharing a truth...even with the dangling carrot of being a DM in training I bounced. Why stay? So I can manage 10 sinking ships for maybe $90K a year?

    I would like to see responses from other OD managers or employees who agree and know I am right. All the lying and saying that you don't have any laptops on hand and send them to another store as not to hurt your precious market basket or PPP number..... the low low low moral.......the way no one in DPS really has a clue how to order engraved items lol

    I am glad to see the stock at $2.63 a share. I can't wait till the doors shutter. I don't want to see anyone lose a job, but really? Try to be a GM at Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, HEB with OD on the resume and the best you can hope for is an entry level management job.

    I like how we wasted thousands of dollars and countless hours boxing up all the ink and toner..... pathetic do we look to our customer?

    Funny how we tried to sell 400 things at the register..PPP, work life, toner ink paper.... what a bad experience for customers.

    The crappy dollar store merchandise in the white wire baskets sure send a mexican walmart message to customers too.

    I wish all you left the best. I now make double what I did for a company that is growing tremendously....its out there guys.....dont give up! The grass is way way greener!!

    piss on D26...........


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    • Yeah You are right on-- I am a part time tech employee-- working tech-- and you hit the nail on the head--they a dingy little cabinet-- with not enough hook ups to test computers-- I have tech experience out side OD I have some knowledge of computers....the people they put in tech do not...they hook it up to the contractor..

      ...they have one guy there Asian Indian who works for slave wages...does all the work..if he wasnt there ...there would not be anyone there to do the work...and even he does not have any certifications..its a wonder they get any sales at all.

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      • I use to work as a Tech specialist at OD as well. The supposed Tech Services they offer are a con. I became leery of the "Computer Check-Up" shortly after we began to offer the service. 9 out of 10 computers that we hooked up to be tested would come up "Suspected Malware Present" and automatically recommend the $170 to fix the problem. I ran Malwarebytes on some of these computers and not one showed any malware detected. I know about computers and I can tell you that these services are a rip off. That's why they push them so much, no real cost for them and nothing for the customer to dispute.

    • What a could someone in a store get away with sooooo much dishonesty??? You say, "Taking markdown items and "bundling" in the plan and pass it off as the real price." Isn't there checks n balances in place("morning reports" or "AP Department"? I assume that this is a single store and not an entire district or division? Everyone must be looking the other way when it comes to "add on's"!!! My company would be all over this type of activity and they would term everyone invovled!!!!

    • I'm not sure then how many retail companies you have worked for then... I'm not a store manager, but I have worked for Circuit City, Best Buy, Office Depot, Kohls, etc. All of them push products and try to gain increased revenue and profits. As far as bundling services, I don't see the Office Depot's doing that here at all unlike Best Buy and Staples.
      Maybe your area did things differently. As far as corporate decisions, they aren't as agressive on many things as I think they should be, but honestly, I think everyone is expecting a merger with Office Depot and Office Max honestly. Either way, they'd merge most-likely before going under and stocks would go up.

    • Sorry about that - I never vote my proxy because individual votes the likes of 500 shares have no meaning.

    • This isn't rocket science. The board of directors in publicly traded corporations such as ODP are elected by the shareholders. One share, one vote. All shareholders get to cast votes directly or by proxy.

    • Not sure what you mean by that.
      But again I ask
      So "you voted to oust the entire BOD"? Are you on the BOD? You must be if you cast a vote. Did you vote against yourself?

    • You say you own SPLS and yet you don't know that the shareholders vote for the BOD? How odd.

    • Erery large coporation has to deal with lawsuits. In addition to pricing suits filed by multiple government and state agencies ODP has their share of similar suits you mentioned filed against Staples in your post. So apples and oranges on that issue.
      So "you voted to oust the entire BOD"? Are you on the BOD? You must be if you cast a vote.
      We have had the conversation before about my angle -
      I am a supplier to the industry and deal with OMX, ODP, SPLS, USTR and SPR.
      I do not believe that I have ever owned any ODP stock. I currently own 500 shares SPLS at $16.50. If we retest the $12.00 range I will double up on my position.

    • You forgot to expose the LP goons - what a bunch of idiots.

    • Do you think Sherwin's not behind the current suits? If so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

      Google NYAG and Suplina and see whose name comes up. In fact google any of those lawsuits and see how many times SHerwin is involved.

      As for no lawsuits against SPLS, you must be kidding.

      And no, I don't blame Sherwin for all of ODP's troubles, I've already told you I voted to oust the entire BOD.

      But since you claimed to own no shares of ODP, what's your angle?

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