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  • cowboyfootballwise cowboyfootballwise Apr 20, 2012 10:12 PM Flag

    New (ISCE) In Store Customer Experience Program

    Part of the new ISCE program for customer service, requires the stores to sit on freight for 24 hours before they actually put it out on the selling floor for customers. Think about that for a second............a store gets product in the morning and can not touch it until the following day, regardless if they are sold out or not. How does that help drive sales and customer service? If a customer walks into a store and an item is sold out, you are not allowed to get the product for them.

    Bascially tell them to go to Staples, Wal Mart or every other Mom and Pop store that sells the same product. This has to be the dumbest directive I have eber heard a retailer taking to help customer service. and drive sales.

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    • Thanks for the reply.

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      • because of the new program, in our store, the copy center person is the only cashier between 8am and 11:30 , does the faxes, prints out the daily price changes, retail outs and other tags as needed and requested by managers, prints out copies for customers, answers the phone within two rings, helps customers with self- serve machines with turns into full service, does the USPS and UPS shipping, has no copy center manager, so also does the ordering, notifies Xerox if needed, replenishes all product in the department, take same day orders, calls customers when their orders come in, does business cards, same day and on G-mil, and is supposed to ask three open ended questions for every customer, no matter what they what, fill out more forms, closes out the postal service for the day, checks e-mail every 15 minutes, receives and processes UPS deliveries and notifies customer when their order come in, bill customers with accounts, put up with some nasty very demanding customers when they are unhappy, and then get reprimanded if I take too much time with a customer while trying to ascertain exactly what the customers wants. All this most of the time without back up because there is no one else available. To top that off, there were absolutely no real hands on training for this position. I could add more but am exhausted just thinking about it. No one else including Managers want to cover this department unless absolutely forced to. I have witnessed other employees in this position literally crying when they go into copy center because of the pressure and stress that this program produces. And this is generally a daily occurrence, not just some anomaly. And at low wages and benefits that are pretty much useless for most anyone, especially for one with a family. On top of this, the hours given vacillate from week to week, hardly with time to set any kind of personal schedule such as doctor’s appointments, ect.

        this is not Kathy Romo - just using her site to relay this message -

    • I worked for office depot until last week. Yes they let the freight sit there 24 hours, and they tell the employees to focus on the customers between 11 and 7. Which is great and all but then you have 4 to 7 employees standing around all greeting the same customer. It has to be overwhelming for the person receiving the extreme customer service. All the while the freight sits in receiving and the overwhelmed customer leaves heading to officemax because the printer she wanted was on a pallet in the back.

      The new ISCE program is pretty extreme. They have given all the employees Rapid Reference Cards to wear on their belts. Are we really that stupid that we need cards to tell us how to answer customers. There is so much more to it, its just ridiculous.

      I started with the company in 2007 and I actually enjoyed my job there until they tried to turn me into a robot. They have really changed =(

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      • andrewg2000 Oct 5, 2012 3:43 PM Flag

        Same here!! I left Office depot about three weeks ago because our new manager overworked everyone. He didnt care about our (employees) schedules especially since many of us are college students, he adjusted everyones schedule based on what accomadated his own schedule. Many of our college employess werent even able to enroll in schoo and one was only able to take a sinlge class, WHY because he chose to fix his own schedule first rather then worked with his emplyoees first. At the end, three of us (tech manager, and two cashiers; we were the two fast cashiers at the store) ended up leaving this job. I also believe that nexts quaters numbers wont be good since this summer they pretty much cut the prices off everthing for school sales and the was the reason for the upgraded forcast for the year. From what i heard my old coworkers last week is that the store seems alot slower due to the summer sales pace.

      • ISCE is a new program. A lot effort is riding on its success. What concerns me is the top heavy management expense it brings to the table. Huge labor cost to get this thing up and running. The numbers must start to add up.

      • I have Ditto ed your experience - including working there until last week too...yes now they have hired persons who have never had a job before -as tech salesman-- it just ridiculus! This is the the final hole they are trying to plug in a sinking ship-- and yet basically the same upper management is still in place deluding themselves into thinking they are going to turn it around. I DO NOT want Office Depot to fold - I dont have that axe to grind...but would like for it to come out of the 90 s - and to progress- right the upper management have no clue as to what to do in this market place. It takes creativity these days and not a 1990 s retail model!

      • Is it not strange that you claim to have worked for ODP and this is your first and only POST.

        We all know what you really are.


      • I work for OD. You both are completely wrong. You don't do freight on Mondays, so you have two trucks full of stuff Tues. You put one out and leave the rest, therefore, giving you stuff to put away Sat Morning... There is no such rule in the program that says you cannot go to the back and grab a printer off the truck that you haven't unloaded. You do what it takes to make the customer happy. "Depot Time" is from 11-3. From 3-close you still focus on the customer obviously, but you begin closing activities and do other tasks needed. If you don't know what you are talking about, then don't reply. Thanks.

      • Read what you wrote. Sounds like you belong on the HD board with a guy named phil_my_crack_in

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