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  • sidneydane sidneydane May 9, 2012 5:53 PM Flag

    New (ISCE) In Store Customer Experience Program

    Thanks for the reply.

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    • because of the new program, in our store, the copy center person is the only cashier between 8am and 11:30 , does the faxes, prints out the daily price changes, retail outs and other tags as needed and requested by managers, prints out copies for customers, answers the phone within two rings, helps customers with self- serve machines with turns into full service, does the USPS and UPS shipping, has no copy center manager, so also does the ordering, notifies Xerox if needed, replenishes all product in the department, take same day orders, calls customers when their orders come in, does business cards, same day and on G-mil, and is supposed to ask three open ended questions for every customer, no matter what they what, fill out more forms, closes out the postal service for the day, checks e-mail every 15 minutes, receives and processes UPS deliveries and notifies customer when their order come in, bill customers with accounts, put up with some nasty very demanding customers when they are unhappy, and then get reprimanded if I take too much time with a customer while trying to ascertain exactly what the customers wants. All this most of the time without back up because there is no one else available. To top that off, there were absolutely no real hands on training for this position. I could add more but am exhausted just thinking about it. No one else including Managers want to cover this department unless absolutely forced to. I have witnessed other employees in this position literally crying when they go into copy center because of the pressure and stress that this program produces. And this is generally a daily occurrence, not just some anomaly. And at low wages and benefits that are pretty much useless for most anyone, especially for one with a family. On top of this, the hours given vacillate from week to week, hardly with time to set any kind of personal schedule such as doctor’s appointments, ect.

      this is not Kathy Romo - just using her site to relay this message -

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