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  • simple_pleasures_miami simple_pleasures_miami Apr 25, 2012 12:28 AM Flag

    A Crumbling Company ? A customer's View

    Today I called Office Depot to correct a damaged delivery of an order placed online. The call was taken in the Phillipines, by heavily accented personnel who wasted a lot of my time, and handled a simple matter awkwardly. It appears to me that Office Depot is outsourcing at the bottom of the outsourcing barrel.
    My reaction was to wonder if the company might be hurting badly ,and might be desperate to cut cost at any price to make short term earnings targets. I was surprised to see the stock so low having not followed the company for many years. I expected the share price and market caps to have been a lot higher, which would have made it worthwhile to do the intensive due diligence necessary to evaluate a potential short. The share price says sick company. The phone handling in the Phillipines echoes the same, loud and clear.

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    • ODP is in decline. In the next USA economic downturn, it will be finished. This is just another two-bit retailer who treats its employees like garbage.

    • I have worked for Office Depot supply chain for over 10 years and I can tell you the company is crumbling and not just the stock prices. There is very little inventory moving within the company from vendors. In my 10+ years of employment with the company it has never been this slow. Back to school season will be slower than ever also, count on it. Recently a lead hourly employee from every US Office Depot supply chain location participated in an online teleconference to discuss our income and benefits. As a result of that teleconference I heard reports of full time employees at some supply chain locations getting 10-15 hours a week. Corporate and management are raiding the coffers of Office Depot while the hourly employees starve on low wages and little to no hours. As a result, during our "hourly associate" teleconference we have decided that it would be in our best interest to demand a 15% pay raise across the board for all hourly supply chain employees or vote to union representation. Our estimate is that we currently have around 65% participation. YOU, THE STOCK HOLDER, HEARD IT HERE FIRST ! Next, Carlos Rodriguez, vice president of supply chain for Office Depot will be notified of our decision. They will pay a living wage or WE WILL UNIONIZE AND MAKE A MEDIA CIRCUS OUT OF IT ALONG THE WAY. Stay tuned and be ready to dump your stock because the fun is just starting. So to answer your question, yes Office Depot is crumbling from the bottom up.

      Any Office Depot employees have any questions or interest contact me at odsupplychainunited at yahoo.

      "Office Depot - Taking care of corporate every day, taking care of corporate any way."

    • I'm sorry to learn that you received damaged goods with your recent delivery order. What you describe does not represent the level of service that Office Depot intends to provide and for that I am truly sorry.

      I'd be happy to resolve this matter for you. Please email me directly at with your order details and we'll make this right for you.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


      Casey J. Ahlbum
      Manager, Executive Customer Relations
      Office Depot, Inc.

    • Ridiculous post.

      Don't blame O.D. for outsourcing customer service overseas, blame the U.S. government who makes it too easy for companies to do this.

      As for the share price, look around doofus. there are a lot of decent companies hurting right now.

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      • Talk about ridiculous posts.
        Come on! The government is to blame for OD exporting customer service - you have got to be kidding!
        As I look at the stock market Many, Many Many stocks are doing just fine. Very few are skipping along the bottom of their 12 year low points. This POS was selling for $2.60 in April 1990 and $3.08 today. SPLS in April 1990 was .89 and is $15.39 today.
        So "doofus" read your own ignorant post before before pressing the post message button.

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