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  • LDB1947 LDB1947 Aug 9, 2012 11:39 AM Flag

    OD needs a buyer (Suggestions)


    Suggestion # 1

    Richard Schultz who owns 21% of BBY (Best Buy) will probably have to pay $ 26 - $ 32 a share to buy out his former company. One of the common goals for some big box stores is to shrink square footage and reduce overhead. (Best Buy and Office Depot have talked about this).

    Schultz should instead buy Office Depot at $ 3.00 - $ 5.00 a share. Run a clearance sale to clear out inventory. Rename stores something like "Better Buy" and then stock with Best Buy type inventory. Office Depot stores are already smaller then Best Buy Stores. The only thing Schultz wouldn't have is the Geek Squad. BBY has cut the Geek Squad recently so there are former Geekers out there to be hired and promoted under a new name like "Tech Squad". OD stores have the same basic nationwide foot print as Best Buy store locations. Seems like a much cheaper way to sell the same type merchandise and make a better profit due to lower financing costs.

    Suggestion # 2

    Home Depot has touted their large parking lots. HD should buy Office Depot for $ 3 - 5 a share, do a clearance, lease out or turn back curret buildings, and then bring the Depots under one roof by adding the Office Depot sign on one side of Current Home Depot buildings. It would create more site visits for each Home Depot location. HD already has some of the same products such as storage, book cases, lamps, lighting, desks, ect. Actually if you want to create an office HD might be a better place to visit for ideas on how to furnish.

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    • yeah, building and office supplies...there's a marriage made in heaven...LDB1947 do not invest your own money

    • LDB............some greeat out of the box suggestions.
      However, I truely believe it may be too late for OD. Most industries how 2 main players, not room for 3 unless in the food category or fashion. Remember electronics had 2 national players at one time Best Buy, and Circuit City. Then came along HH Gregg in most areas where CC was located and CC went away. If you throw in Wal-Mart, then it gets even worse.
      OD, Staples and Office Max are for the most part all national players. Five years ago, OD was postioined in a solid second place, with Staples being first and Max last. Today, Max has passed OD in the comsumers eyes......hard to believe. With the current leadership, OD does not have the means/thoguht process to distinguish it self from Max, with no chance of catching Staples. Your buy-outs are not coming for OD with all it's debt and poor locations.Better chance would be to be taken private, get rid of 75% of management and close 50% of the stores. Then a reoccurring profit could be made, but it will never return to what it was even 7 years ago. IMO.

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