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  • ya_gotta_believe_in_me ya_gotta_believe_in_me Jul 20, 1999 3:29 PM Flag

    i'm starting to BELIEVE in ME again!!!! 2

    Very nice recovery from a low of 17 7/16. If ODP
    can close at 18, life will be sooooooooooooooooo
    sweet in the coming days! WE'VE BOUNCED OFF THE LOWS,

    P.S. Shorty: I sold COF at
    50 and I sold RAD on Friday at 23 1/2. So much for
    your bull. (who IS this guy anyway?)


    YA_GOTTA_BELIEVE_IN_ME (Because if you can't believe in ME, who CAN you
    believe in?)

    • I've got something for you to bounce on !!

    • of course it's all your fault!

      not really, they're sposed to drop after you buy....I
      think it's an SEC rule or something.....

      still got DIS....(lately it almost looks like DIS is
      short for DISASTER!)(again, not really....they're just
      having a bit of a "spell".....kinda like ODP is going

      what I did was to load up on DIS and DIS leaps, with
      the intention of "unloading" some of them at a future
      point in order to make a small profit on that portion,
      thus reducing my cost basis on the shares I plan to
      hold forever.....

      so I'll have the 2/3's of my
      original position for a long time might want to
      keep your checkbook handy, tho, you might just see DIS
      dip below 25 before it starts to move

      regarding my "horizon" on ODP, I think I was just talking
      about the near term....(of course, with TA it's hard to
      pin point anything)....but for now, I'm saying the
      next couple weeks(?) maybe????

      looked at charts
      tonight, even with 15/16 move today, I still think
      there'll be some weakness comming yet.....

      could be
      wrong, you know I have been before.....but this is what
      it looks like tonight.....(could change tomorrow,
      too....)(but since I'm playing with margin, I'm playing it
      real safe....)

      might be another day or two
      before I make the call (besides, I might need my dime
      for something else in the mean time!)

      luck, my friend

    • It may not start to fly however, it's not the floor and I think over the last day or so, we've already been there and done that...

      ............. Ice

    • is $18 a ceiling rather than a floor? Time will tell.

    • Your experience is not unheard of, yet far from
      the norm. It's unfortunate for us at Office Depot to
      have lost a sale of that size, but the worst part is
      that you could not get the service
      you are entitled
      I am a Furniture sales specialist with Office
      Depot. Our store
      averages $60,000 a month in delivery
      sales and approximatly
      $100,000 out of store pick up
      The opposite occurrs often enough for me to
      mention that Office Max and Staples have the same problem
      of not delivering
      goods available at the store
      and not in warehouse. Disgruntled
      sales are not
      what we look forward to. They do happen.
      As to
      waiting indefinitly, unless it was a clearance item in

      which will never be in stock again, the manager should
      have been able to tell you when it was due in. Usually
      it's 3 to 14 days.
      Last month I had a total of
      $5,400 of $158,000 in backordered
      sales, all of which
      were delivered within 10 days.

      This post
      should be copied to Office Depot customer
      where it can get you a proper response.

    • I am a small business owner and I went into
      Office Depot today with a $4000 order for chairs and
      computer workstations.. After I had selected the
      furniture, the salesperson informed me that their warehouse
      did the contain all the items I needed. They had
      certain parts of certain assembled workstation, but not
      all of them.. For the entire order to be filled, i
      would have to wait an indefinite amount of time... Mind
      you, i was not ordering any items that were out of the
      ordinary.. They were run of the mill desks and chairs... And
      they did not have them in the warehouse.. So I asked
      the salesperson and the manager if they had all the
      product in the store.. As it turned out, they did have
      all the products in that location. So i asked the
      manager if she could have it delivered from the store
      (which had the products) rather than the warehouse
      (which did not).. Her response to this was that the
      stores did not deliver their products, rather i would
      have to rent out a U-Haul and carry it all myself. So
      i asked her to consider the fact that this was a
      $4000 order and to see if she could get the ware house
      drivers to come and pick up the products from their store
      and drop them off at my office. To which she said,
      plainly, NO!...

      So Office Depot would rather keep
      products in their stores that they can't deliver, and not
      in their warehouses, where they can deliver from..
      Interesting form of Supply chain management (or lack
      So today Office Depot lost a $4000 order to
      OfficeMAX (which did have the products and were ready to

      I am neither a bull nor a bear on this stock.. In
      fact I dont even own this stock.. But I thought that
      for those of you who do own this stock to keep an eye
      out for problems at the store level. Ask store
      managers, or better yet try to order some of those desks or
      even check their availability at the store or
      warehouse level.... My problem to be specific occurred at
      the Garden City, NY super-store....

      Good luck.

    • guess this is my fault (the drop) since I got
      back in on Friday, huh? Of course, I didn't get back
      in on Friday until the closing bell after it had
      dropped 8%! I was rather surprised by the opportunity to
      get back in at under $19 after what I thought (I'm no
      expert at tearing an earnings report apart) was a very
      good earnings report....not sure what I

      What are your thoughts (through your TA models, or
      whatever you use) on ODP over the next couple of
      months???? Or, what exactly do you consider to be your time
      frame when you say the "horizon"?

      Of course, all
      my stocks got slammed today except TYC and DIR, so
      shouldn't have been surprised by ODP's drop. Will look
      forward to your comments.

      BTW Prime, you still
      holding DIS??? If they drop too much further, I may have
      to grab some more of them....but only if they get
      under $25. DIS under $25 again....really didn't expect

    • Hope soon -


    • Sue done blueballed ya, ya dumb bastid! Hehehe. Told ya she was gunna run the stock for ya and left ya there holdin yaself and lookin awful stupid-like!

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