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  • biggergrove biggergrove Aug 24, 2012 4:32 PM Flag

    Cavalier Attitude

    Some posters on this board seem to think they know it all (all good) when it comes to Augme and anyone who tries to express a counter view is either nuts, a basher or stupid. Obviously there are some bashers here, but the majority who express concern or caution here are just concerned stockholders. In light of the performance of this stock and all the talk about a " transformative event", "lines in the water" and slam dunk financing which has failed to materialize, I believe a little skepticism is certainly warranted. And to say that people are being like cry babies who lost a few pennies, when since August 3rd the stock has lost .65 cents or for a 100,000 stockholder $65,000, is really uncalled for. We need some realism on this board not just platitudes.

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    • no bash, just fact... when there is predictions that the mobile advertising market will increase 6-10 fold you will look back and see we were early and your $65K loss will be a thing of the past as you start to realize profits. Simple Facts. Mobile advertising makes sense. Everyone will have a smart phone. We have some very good technology. It will add up. We all saw opportunity early and when you are early you get a bumpy ride sometimes.

    • biggergrove, I believe the story of some of the "uber-longs" on this board will be exposed at some point. Suffice it to say that (as I've suspected all along), it's a coordinated effort by a group (most likely 2 or 3 guys using multiple aliases) that has a large financial interest in the share price of Augme increasing. That's all I can say about it, but know that's where some of the pumping is coming from.

      That being said, IMO the mobile business does hold a lot of promise assuming Braiker can deliver on it's potential. The IP is much less certain given the recent developments and until the point in time that there is some substantial monetization of the IP, it needs to be considered a liability, not an asset due to all of the money they've poured into it with no results thus far.