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  • springhamm Aug 31, 2012 8:30 AM Flag

    Drill Results

    Has any one seen the core results from the latest drilling..seems to be taken a long time..Just a little curious..PGLC..Time to here some positive news.

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    • sounds like this fall or early winter. At that point we will have to really question if it will be mined. There isnt that much left to wait for. They have sold off their other interests(cant raise any more money that way), have a majority of the drill results, and are pretty much based on this one mine. If they start issueing new shares and saying 2014-2015 with no hard facts or actions that will be a cue to bail. Im not looking for a permanant Junior in my portfolio. Hope it does well and my shares do well though.

    • I read somewhere, either from a PR or one of the many recent Articles written about Pershing Gold, that the remaining 11 Core drill results would be in the 3rd Quarter,so I believe in September, we will hear something. hope so.

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      • i reading that the cde company buying the shares of the pglc. The cde very strange company, they having ceo who was once the world champion disco dancer. He all the time doing the disco dancing, and making the big dilutionary disco deals. He losing the much money of the shareholder and take the stock from 270 dallars down to 23 dallars. So I take it as bad sign for the shareholder of the pglc, if the disco dancing ceo of the cde buying the shares. It might look like the good tasty punch, but when you looking closer you to find terd in the punchbowl.

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