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  • jacksgloryhole jacksgloryhole Feb 6, 2013 7:14 PM Flag

    S-1...PGLC ...CRGC....Frost

    First of all I'm invested in PGLC at .38, Frost and CDE being the motivation, I've been watching the spread between pglc and crgc narrow, it looks like Frost sold his position or part of it in pglc to buy crgc and take advantage of the buyout/merger pending and the differential between. ???

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    • Jack, A lot of investors are buying CRGC to get the shs. of PGLC a little cheaper. I think the gap has closed now and there is no real big incentive to buy the CRGC anymore. Don't worry about the tall fellow. he's kind of a #$%$. You will make money with this stock and the biggest reason you'll make money is because of Frost. Good luck.

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      • Deacon, the arbitrage is still just over 13% at todays close - it has narrowed as you say - all my PGLC money is in CRGC - 13% is 13% and I can't see the reason for the risk premium for buying PGLC direct. I am holding for the swop so I am not trying to talk up my CRGC shares. I have posted before that my guess is the swop will happen with PGLC at .55.
        Frankly Alfers is more important to this stock than Frost/Honig - and CDE investment is a big thing. Look at how much money tDE will be spending on their Rochester/Packard expansion and look and see how much more gold they are getting in recent quaters. 2013 forecast of gold alone is close to 50K ounces alone and look at all that silver. You know how close that CDE mine is to Pershing?

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    • No, Jack, the shares are already included in the PGLC 275million share count. Suggest strongly you wade through some of the filings generously posted on this and other forums prior to asking questions from unknown sources.

      You may be a buyer based upon Frost or Spring Thaw or episodes of gout. Others like myself prefer hard facts upon which to base our risk - reward decisions.

      For example, the FIRST thing which impressed me about PGLC story was this: the incoming CEO, Alfers first order of the day was to clean up the filings and required disclosure and bring PGLC up to proper SEC standards instead of skating on the edge as it had been duing under prior mgmt when it was the goofy Entertainment company, and then the SAGE shell. That said volumes to me, and then I got involved.

      I HATE sloppy disclosures, and Alfers has NOT missed a beat in meeting or exceeding requirements of disclosure and other legal minutae.

      To play skirtails of insiders is a fools game in my opinion, because they will ALWAYS know before ordinary shareholders learn anything. And they will always execute before everyone else. And they will do so in huge quantities. Only one reason to buy is the old mantra.

      And if I may be so bold, only one reason to do the do's and meet SEC requirements, and that's because one is legit and not loosey goosey with the regs and filings' document timelines.

      So, get your new from unimpeachable resources, and tune out the noise generated in the chatrooms, capiche'?

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      • "unimpeachable resources" LOL!!!! i guess that's you huh? And of course the sec is here to protect us huh? And now your gonna try and poor mouth Dr.Frost. tisk, tisk,tisk...

        I've made a living buying and selling companies that other people thought were worthless. ( in real life, not some message board). I've seen more bogued up financial statements than you can shake a stick at. Hard facts huh? Give me a fhukn break! Ever hear of enron, mci, ect, ect...

        I asked a question, to entertain some opinions, well opinions here apparently for the most part are very closely tied to the rectums that follow them.

      • Couldn't agree with you more - there is a 200 page S1A recently amended for the CRGC share swop available for everyone to read and understand - why don't people read that and then if they have a qustion ask - don't post nonesense.
        Frost and Honig and CDE investments are important but I agree Alfers was the key for me and why I invested.
        Do you any ideas on where they will get this years $20 million expenses from - thats my big question for the moment.

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    • Yep, Honig did it much earlier but yes Frost sold some of his PGLC late last tax year and has aquired a nice slice of CRGC. The S1 got amended AGAIN today - will this never end!
      Arbitrage used to be as much as 30% but has narrowed down to about 10% as you would expect as we get closer to the swop event itself. I think the swop will happen with PGLC share price at 0.55.
      Very risk free now so no surprise for me to see higher volumes today in CRGC than in PGLC.
      The next event is PEA and where o where are they going to get this years $20 million of expenses from. They will be out of cash by end of first quarter.

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