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  • eriklosn eriklosn Sep 4, 2013 11:50 PM Flag

    Puppet Obama/ Syria war scam/ Petro dollar.

    Everyone needs to understand that Wat with Syria is about a large oil and gas pipeline that is not in U.S. economic interest . A deal had been struck with Syria and Iran and a few other non U.S. allies to run a oil and gas line thru Pakistan into oil hungry China and Russia. The U. S. is also wanting to build a pipeline and this new pipeline would screw up balance of economic power in the region. They had to come up with the whole gassing his own people bit for an excuse to go in. If they bomb the hell out of Syria for a while it screws ip
    Up the plans for a pipeline for Syria and Iran. Due to Petro dollar system all oil transactions need to be done in U.S. dollars. This was put through in the seventies after Nixon took America odd Gold Standard . He did this to create an artificial demand for the U. S. dollar. In exchange for using the dollar system said country reverberate protection from the United States. If oil starts to be sold off this new pipeline using another currency and that catches on a floodgate of U.S, dollars will flood into this country via Western banks and cause hyperinflation and the dollar would become worthless . The United States will not allow oil to be measured in another currency. It would be economic suicide for the U.S. Gold will become ever stronger as the dollar becomes weaker as the Empire cannot sustain this lunacy for much longer. Thank u mister hope and change or should I say puppet for the military industrial complex.

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    • Your all over the map economically and politically, Syria has nothing to do with the dollar's status as a reserve currency. IT is because the dollar is a reserve currency that commodities like oil is priced in dollars. The Feds money printing scheme to prop up our own economy is doing more damage to the currency than Syria could do on its best day. When the dollar loses reserve currency status and European banks try to unload al those dollars in their vaults. The Chinese Yuan is likely to take over where the dollar left off and for the most part it will have been a self-inflicted wound that will hurt Americans for years to come after it destroys financial markets and most IRA accounts When America goes bankrupt as it goes down the Grecian path to financial ruin

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