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  • goldmukwah goldmukwah Sep 5, 2013 11:18 PM Flag

    As the Sun goes down Everybody runs away?

    Where can they flee to? Is the price of gold valued by the time, the effort, the costs, the sorrow, the rarity, the danger, the sheer undeniable desire that mankind possesses for a relatively useless metal that has caused so much desperation and joy through our entire written history and unwritten prehistory or is it valued by manipulative hedge funds, governments, banks or entities that exist in the silent secret world of big money ? Our we genetically predisposed to seek and value gold or is it's value relative to all the men,the sweat, the hours they put in to fail and sometimes succeed in finding and harvesting this metal through the ages with relatively little practical use? Gold is real money as it has always been and our company has lots of it on our claims that are not expensive to get to and should last for some time so you decide if we were wise to back this small miner? The Sun through history always rises and if it fatally failed to do so for some time the patient, confident long term investor, will prosper as it is hard to beat human nature, man"s greed and the desire for wealth creation in our modern desperate times. While we are still fragmented, lacking certainty, what difference do our decisions make? See gold with the eye of history to see it's true value, don't walk, don't run but come a little bit closer to help you reach your goals as the ancients did for they knew the self interest that has driven man since time began. This is a gold mine, hold it for what it is and with a little patience you will be rewarded with something that stands the test of time and volatile politics better than the paper we hold so dear in modern times. Now is the time to buy this and other " in country" miners before the powers that be make it more difficult to comfortably own long term. Good luck hunting and gathering.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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