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  • maxkonaet maxkonaet Jul 17, 2014 10:18 PM Flag

    Latest P.E. pump article on S.A.

    In the old days there would have been a lot of posts - seems nobody is interested any more? This latest dilution just confirms my current valuation of this stock at $0.20.
    I will be very surprised if they produce any economic gold ever - let alone starting in 2015.

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    • You and Tall guy are the biggest detractors of this stock. You have nothing in it . The two of you have pretty much taken over the message board with your negative #$%$, discouraging any would be investors who visit here. There are a lot of reasons that this enterprise will eventually be successful. The most positive development for now, would be if the two of you would just go away.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Just wanted to say that Tall and i are not a consortium. He has his views and i have mine. There is a big overlap but Tall has much more knowledge than I do. I represent the small investor that once believed all the PGLC pumping hype.
        I post, not as a detractor from the GGLC story,more like a realist that once was lost and now have found my way out.
        I don't tell people not to invest - just to help them understand the levelof risk involved here.
        You say that there are a lot of reasons to invest in PGLC but can't be bothered to tell people what they are.

      • For the umpteenth time, I am a TRAPPED, REG 145 Registered Stock OWNER aka LONG in this stock. There are millions of shares of us, quite literally millions. When the CRGC conversion to PGLC took place, clever Alfers finagled a REG 145 Registration category instead of the customary Reg 144 Registration category, effectively removing until such time as HE sees fit OR an annoying routine with attendant costs that I'm too stubborn to pay, to get out of the stock, brrryry47. There were over 78 million shares registered as REG 145 Restricted.

        Each year, Alfers does his little lawyer thing, and each MARCH re-registers us REG 145 Restricted Stk shareholders "permission to sell", but still with the onerous 2 conditions: 1) Pay the STOOPID I call to the individual Brkrg house to go through their Red Tape to get this sold. 2) Requirement that the ENTIRE shares owned be sold at ONE TIME, not trickled into the mkt as sells at a time AND PRICE point of MY choosing.

        CUTE huh?

        Every year, I go to the PGLC March Filing and see who is left and how many shares they own of the orig 78 MILLION Reg 145 Restricted are still out there, overhanging this stock. Some of these irritated REG 145 Restricted Stk shareholders are quite wealthy and don't like the situation anymore than I do. There are LITERALLY MILLIONS OF SHARES still hung up in this BS Regisration Limbo.

        People like Max bit the bullet and freed up his shares; he is the exception. Most of the rest of us 78mm shares shareholder-block have NOT done what Max did. Do the math, yourself. The co. hides the proof of what I'm saying in PLAIN SIGHT every March. The co. even totals the remaining millions upon millions of shrs at the bottom of the annual re-registration process each March.

        I asked for my certificate; it's framed/hangs on the wall above my desk. I have ZERO cost in PGLC, but I'm damn sure STILL a shareholder/long. It's hanging here to remind me just how cute Alfers can get and unfriendly mgmt can be to any!

      • blessed_bee_the_persecuted blessed_bee_the_persecuted Jul 19, 2014 11:09 AM Flag

        brryry, I am here because I want to be a future owner of this stock. The price of gold, money burn, reverse split......scared me off. The drop in price will only be another opportunity, so see it for what it is.

        Don't blame slopping share structure on me.......dilution, crgc merger, warrants, etc------are self evident negatives that you better come to grips with, and hiding from them would not benefit anyone.

    • Been waiting on you to comment, Max. LOL. Seems that the only news in this PR was about Peter getting a legit job. He's no longer working for himself and his "little, failed boutique morning something." Furthermore he's sporting his spanky new CFA course completion certificate, and waved it long enough for Riad at Myriad Capital to hire him. Now THAT"s news allright. LOL

      The other thing that is so funny about Peter and his SA pumps is that he basically uses the company dime to try to explain away YOUR public chatroom posts. I can only assume you are busting his hump in the private comments section of his "articles" posted by him online under his own Epstein name.

      I've noticed this pattern of Peter hiding behind SA to figure out what the "public" is thinking. Wow, you have such clout, Max. Can I stand next to you, so your shadow falls on me just a little bit. I can't get Peter to answer any of my questions, and never have ever since I spotted his grandiose entrance onto the scene almost 2 years ago on that "other" board.

      I can hardly wait until Peter actually says something worth repeating. Oh, no,wait, that would be Janet Yellen. Sorry, got the 2 of them mixed up...they look so much alike.

    • Please please please! i beg of you to answer this question...why are u here????!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Ash, you asked so nicely seems churlish of me not to repond.
        I made a big (for me) investment in the early days after following the Frost name and then seeing Alfers appear. I then became increasingly noervous as I saw the lack of delivery. Got out over the CRGC share snafu and decided not to go back in. My current valuation is about $0.20 so I don't expect to get back in any time soon.
        Having put some reasonable effort in to track the PGLC story it is easy for me to keep monitoring it.
        When I see comments and articles posted that give rise to questions - I ask the question.
        In this case we have a recent article from PE on S.A. that repeats dates for production and production estimates and costs estimated to the nearest 50 cents.
        We do not have a date for a PEA. Do people think they will start production and then produce a PEA?
        More dilution and more costs add to the current status. No share split or listing on a proper exchange - not surprised at that.
        It would be good to hear what the longs think. Seems there are none left that have any interest in what PGLC is doing and what their PR efforts are pumping out.

      • How many times does the man have to tell you. You got Alzheimers or something, Ash-no?

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