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  • vultureinvestr vultureinvestr Nov 21, 2011 10:51 PM Flag

    $4.8 million pay for FBN CEO!!!!!!

    This is an outrage!!! This CEO is getting paid almost $5 million and he only owns about $300k worth of this stock, that is not even one months pay invested in this company which is another outrage!!!

    No wonder he doesn't care if thhis gets run into the ground on his watch, he is already rich while shaeholders suffer.

    Why don't you shareholders fire this overpaid fool?

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    • With a $65m market value and no real projection for positive earnings, how does a CEO justify that? This is just asking for national media attention.

      Well, we know he won't be getting his $5m salary for long. They'll either run out of money in 3-6 months, or he'll get fired. It's funny, I've been waiting for Ralph to lose his job for 7 years now, and finally it looks like it's inevitable. Unfortunately, he has brought the ship down with him.

    • Because, the board, stupidly, is like a stunned deer in the headlights. And because they actually believes the you-know-what that Ralph shovels.