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  • carpinus1 carpinus1 Jun 7, 2013 9:09 PM Flag

    Question for LTF

    Would you care to comment on whether you are going to get involved here? I know you covered after 2 weeks but would appreciate a comment here.
    Have a great weekend!

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    • You mean long?? No way. Bankruptcy could be anywhere from 1-10 months away. I'm not that good to know for certain.

      By the way, the press release, with the new Thomasville VP's quote, was classicly atrocious Ralph-speak. It almost shows, the way it was written, that Ralph knows "its over," and this woman is just a "caretaker" for Thomasville.

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      • and don't forget that free dinner and golf when you come to Wisconsin!

      • Carpinus meant whether you were going to initiate a new short position after your well timed last short trade here!

      • I understand you wouldn't go long here but wondered about starting a new short position? Hope all is well LTF, you never cease to amaze me!

      • "We are thrilled to have Kathy...

        Typical misplaced Scozzafava pseudo-enthusiasm, covering over his despair. The company is on the brink of bankruptcy. You could not possibly be "thrilled" about anything. This concocted emotion is a lie. It's also inappropriate, at a time like this....a mismatch to the underlying scenario the company is suffering.

        who is a very successful veteran retailer...

        a worn, tired, and hackneyed phrase, pairing successful and veteran together is a form of "overkill" verbally (especially with the phrase "very"), that makes Ralph look like he is trying to insult the person, actually, through "overpraise" (i.e. see "thrilled" above).

        leading Thomasville into the future.

        hackneyed! Put together "on a dime" by Ralph. Pure sloth.

        Veltri commented, "Joining the Thomasville brand team is very exciting."

        Rah, rah, TEAM. Way too "cutesy" here. More inapproprpiate hyper enthusiasm. And "joining" a "brand team" sounds limp-wristed.

        There are tremendous opportunities ahead for this brand...

        Of course there are, Ralph. But that's going to be from the new owner, and under the new CEO, not you and your most recent "caretaker" hire.

        ... to create a best-in-class retail environment,

        He may have just as well had her say "world class," to creepily pump up the emotional excitement level, as Ralph is now legendary for.

        while offering amazing fashion for the home.

        More "cutesy." Choosing the word "amazing" is very makes her look like she is DITZY. (Mind you, I don't blame her; her quotes, here, were no doubt written by Ralph, as the whole thing is classic Ralph-speak.

        I am committed to helping the team make shopping a Thomasville store a 'don't miss' experience."

        "The team," again, sounds weenie'ish. And "don't miss," besides, again "trying too hard," should have been, more appropriately said as "can't miss."

        They should hire me to review their p.r.'s, which are the POOREST I've seen.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell