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  • proexpjared proexpjared Mar 25, 2012 1:36 PM Flag


    G spot diveable for at least the next week... this is really great news. Given the high probability that the silver is there, more time means a higher likelihood that Odyssey will get video, have a more concrete recovery plan, etc. Given the nature of the site (steel hull, cargo holds, etc) a week should give them time for a pretty thorough inspection! =)

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    • Well, the more I think about it,
      the longer with no news is bad news.
      It's still early yet, but no news is
      bad news-IMO I believe they would
      like to put out some good news on the
      (G) and also on the Victory! It might
      not be immediately, if they get the
      video, but soon there after. Just
      don't think they want to hide any good
      news from the Shareholders, and with
      the stock much higher, it would help
      the company in many different ways-
      such as raising capital [funds] if
      they absolutely need too! No news
      at all, is not a good sign!!!

    • and used with cargo nets in which they would put several crates depending on weight and volume.

    • It's not exactly a loading diagram. It's more of a loading order. The documents indicate which cargo-holds the cargo is loaded. Not just the silver, but each type of cargo. They probably have this but don't want to disclose it because of security issues. Yes I have it, no I'm not offering it to the message board. Same reason, it's not appropriate for me to disclose it.

    • I am not certain that stacking silver bars would be acceptable. As people have explained these bars are heavy. approx 2500 oz each or 150 lbs. The weight of a man that occupies the volume of a shoe box. In loading a transoceanic vessel one would possibly need to account for swell on the 20-50 ft range and (just guessing here) a trip around the horn of Africa. Granted the Garisoppa is a large vessel, its no aircraft carrier. If one of those bars got loose it could severely injure or even kill crew members. Therefore they would have been secured with more than a covering. I still favor a crate. I would suspect that we cannot assume that the shipping industry of the 1940's had the same packaging technology that we assume as common place of the modern era. In fact, almost all rope at that time would have been made of natural fibers. Furthermore, the cargo bays have been shown to have very little disturbance after surviving a 3 mile journey to the bottom of the ocean as well as a torpedo blast. The exemplifies the the care and skill in securing each of the cargo holds. This whole line of thinking is really an exercise of imagination and is meant to be thought provoking and not as a condemnation to anyone. Even if silver bars are not clearly seen by the current investigative journey of the Explorer, I am hoping that we will get some photographic evidence that will help foster further insightful conversation. Thanks ALL

    • A thoughtful and considerate post.
      Thank YOU, boog.

    • Hey, booger, where did you get the 2500 oz per bar info? Maybe I missed it, but all I've read says 1000 oz bars.

    • I don't understand your concern over security issues. The wreck is more than three miles down, out of reach of anyone not having the most sophisticated recovery equipment. I do agree that it wouldn't be appropriate for you to disclose it depending on how you acquired the info.

    • I remember watching IRT Most Dangerous roads do their thing in India. One of the shows had them loading up on bags of flour or dry cement. No forklifts. Only a bunch of skinny Indian dudes going back and forth loading up the truck manually.

      I could imagine how many guys it took to load up the silver bars back then without forklifts. I wonder if they had cranes?

    • It very well could be easier to find and recover if it had fell out! Plus, if it exited the hole resulting from the torpedo, then that is an excellent access point for getting at what might be remaining.

    • Hey, Quick...

      Thanks for all your insightful comments.
      I think most on this board would agree.
      I just thought this needed to be said.

      If Odyssey keeps primin' the pump, then
      soon we will drink cool, cool water.

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