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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 May 30, 2012 10:52 AM Flag

    Why is the sp declining...what is happening at the worksites

    hopefully all this work will meet with some success..OMEX has been a real loser and it does need some victory at this time. Why have we had no reports from the work sites..that is really troubling and just throws a lot of doubt on the future of this co. Hopefully they will soon come forward with some good news...everyone knows that this company has had nothing but bad news in recent years...lets hope this rapidily changes.

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    • Taking the initiative is good. Your career path my be promising for other reasons - SOS. :-]

    • Military Alphabet

      Military Alphabet Code + US Navy Signal Flags
      A: Alpha
      B: Bravo
      C: Charlie
      D: Delta
      E: Echo
      F: Foxtrot
      G: Golf
      H: Hotel
      I: India
      J: Juliet
      K: Kilo
      L: Lima
      M: Mike
      N: November
      O: Oscar
      P: Papa
      Q: Quebec
      R: Romeo
      S: Sierra
      T: Tango
      U: Uniform
      V: Victor
      W: Whiskey
      X: X-Ray
      Y: Yankee
      Z: Zulu

      Hey Jaypoo, You can see that I'm on my way and in a few weeks I will know everything that you require of me..thanks for the opportunity to serve.

    • JohnnyBoy, Company sensitive info is encrypted prior to transmission across public media including airwaves. Knowledge of encryption keys are on a need to know basis. As the new radio operator you have no need to know. Its back to your drawing board I assume.

      PS: Have plan B and beyond when engaged in deceit!

    • JohnnyBoy, the knowledge you seek is known to insiders only meaning those actively employed.<<

      Jaypoo, you are making my point and you learn very quickly..we outsiders are by nature second class citizens and rely on information that is secondary..thank you so much for your brilliant post and now you are permitted to sit at the head of my classroom. Taking your suggestion, at the end of the season I will try to get a job in their radio room so I can pass some timely info your way..thank you again for all your concern.

    • Oh JohnnieBoy, you must be down to pennies and desperation to spend so time much time & effort on lies bashing this stock. Sadly your months too late and up against the trend. Its never to late to change direction when traveling the wrong path. Trend is a friend so win by embracing facts vs. spreading lies.

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