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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 Aug 1, 2012 7:05 PM Flag

    Silver is loaded

    Common sense tells you that they have the Silver loaded by this time...wonder why they are not telling us..and how about word from the smelters..we should be informed as to the content of the bars...percentage of silver, gold and copper..that's not too much to ask.

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    • Are there any reasons why the stock would
      not respond {go up} if they bring in the
      rest of the insured silver, including
      the Mantola silver??? I believe that would
      be Approx. 3.6 million ozs. at $28 per oz.
      or around 100 million dollars! I"m still
      in the mind set that the pps should be sitting
      around $5-6 per share. Why did the stock not
      hold around 4.35 when she made her mini-run,
      a few weeks ago.? 38 million dollars in one
      load, which is great, and the stock really
      did nothing when it was said and done! What's
      it going to take to get this thing really
      moving??? The first load should have really
      made the stock move. I know that there are a
      lot of expenses out of the 38 million, but
      there is still some good profit! Better than
      they have ever done!! Just completely
      bewildered from the action of the pps. There
      must be some reasons besides the dilution.
      Any one what to chime in?

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      • The only other thing I can think of besides the dilution and stop loss orders is that many earlier investors who bought at 1 or 2 dollars are taking profits in a big way and possibly flooding the market with excess shares which actually begs to looks alot like another form of dilution.......there were many secondary offering below the market price and they may be cashing in also....insiders and employees who have earner buku stock options may be unloading also....BUT in time that has got to end if the stock will only hold up at higher prices...just guesses cause I am bewildered as well and as well frustrated by not unloading...done it before and could not get back in at a reasonable price...

    • No info on Bristol UK port shipment movements as yet. Forward movements listed through October.....No SBW on list. Long OMEX

    • Easy access would have been immediate to the cargo hold hit by the torpedo, a natural starting place. However the manifest would have stated exactly where due to the needs of keeping the vessel balanced for trans-atlantic voyages. they will kow by this just where to go. Long OMEX

    • SBW comes in for crew change on Aug. 15,16....

    • You need to work with Troy ounces.

    • Thanks for the input WhatsUP... I figured (2,000 lbs x 16 oz) = 32,000 oz. Total reported on Gairsoppa 7,000,000 oz which comes to 218 TONS in total...48 tons recovered, 170 tons left. Anyway it's all guesswork at this point, we should know by month end hopefully.

    • Your math is off. 48 tons was 1.4 million ounces. That is 20% of the total, so the total is 240 tons or 7 million ounces. Subtract 48 and that leaves 192 tons more from the Gairsoppa. The .6 million ounces adds another 20+ tons from the Mantola. The total is about 212+ tons more for both.

      If they can load about 6 tons per day, I would expect to see a little less than 160 tons at the next crew change if they locate the uninsured silver. They will still have time to pick up the rest by the end of August. If they don't find the uninsured silver before the next crew change, they will be able to extend the contract for the SBW to the end of September to continue to search for it.

    • Sounds to me like they did exactly what they had planned to do during the testing phase. The purpose of the test was equipment, procedures and technique checkout on the much shallower Mantola site, not actually finding the silver per se.

      Makes sense to me to have planned to go on to the Garisoppa regardless of the testing on the Mantola since it was unknown how long it would take to locate and recover the more substantial load on silver from a greater depth.

    • If they do use part of the extension for
      the SBW, it will be for a Good reason!!!

    • It also would not surprise me if
      they need the additional 30 days or
      part of it to return back again to
      the G for more work (recovery time)!!!!

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