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  • skyvaper247 skyvaper247 Jan 2, 2014 8:35 PM Flag

    ss Gairsoppa !0 oz Silver Bars

    My Gairsoppa bars arrived today. Super nice design and quality. I really like one bar in particular as it is A05000, Nice number! It is amazing holding these in your hands and knowing the Silver was mined in India, lost to the sea all these years, then recovered by Odyssey. Then shipped to my home and here i sit with it. What a long strange trip its been! This is what salvage is about, getting history into peoples hands! Along, with shows and articles written about the SS Gairsoppa! Nice to see the Odyssey Cert also provided! Higly reccomend picking these up as a Silver play as well as a commerative piece or WWII Maritime History!
    When they Salvage the HMS Victory I will also purchase any authentic items offered for sale, not only because I want to and I collect this Shipwreck material, but I love #$%$ off all those who want Historic Shipwrecks to site and rot on the bottom of the very destructive seafloor! If they find 1000 Gold coins, they can always keep the best examples or each type for museum display of "cargo carried aboard", but there is no problem selling this material as it is not British Naval history being sold, its CARGO! Those who don't want the Gold coins to be sold, would not mind if the "cargo" aboard HMS victory was Coal, as you can buy all the Coal from the very Historic Titanic you want. Its about money and they don't want salvors to profit from all there years of research and investment! They also did not find Victory, and thus if we can't salvage it then no one should, even if the Cannons are looted away and the fishing Trawlers distroy all the History of how and why she sank, well thats ok, just no one but ourselfs should profit! Ivory Tower Bafoons!! Anyway, pick up a bunch of these !0 OZ Gairsoppa bars,again they are super nice and sold by a large trustworthy company! Also stay long OMEX, as "bugsy " said in the movie Bugsy "NEVER SELL YOUR SHARES IN THE FLAMINGO!"

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