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  • lasvegas333 lasvegas333 Jan 6, 2002 1:14 PM Flag

    AVN in 2002

    Since there is no news and no management changes in AVN nothing is happening. AVN stock is drifting $4 range.

    It is sad that AVN with such good potential, good product, good technology and promissing pipeline is not at $20 range.

    There are a lot of excuses and who to blame for poor stock performance listed on this board. I do not believe that AVN stock is in $4 range because of Patrice, Yahoo, conspiracy, shorters, traders, specialist, etc.

    I believe that performance of AVN is measured by business deals signed, partenrships signed, fulfilled expectations, fulfilled promises made by CEO are the main cause of low stock price. I could list at least 10 objectives that have not been met in 2001 by AVN.

    The conclusion is obvious. CEO would have to stand up and answer to BOD and shareholders why poor performance. Why objectives were not met and will they be met and when? The answer deals are just around the corner, next week, imminently, etc have been used for over a year and would hardly work any more.

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    • resulting in another 22000 shares traded so far today.



    • If the business plan is as brilliant as you say, why is the stock trading below $5?
      You seem to be saying that what the rest of the market misses what you and some of the other Yak cultists see. Let's not forget that AVN has presented in front of some well known firms. Some of these firms have nibbled at the stock, but the majority seem to be waiting to see if Yak delivers what he has promised. To date, he has not, hence the sub $5 share price.
      However, you seem to know better than those who do this for a living.
      Good luck trading with that attitude.

    • betterdoyourduediligencebetter betterdoyourduediligencebetter Jan 7, 2002 1:12 AM Flag

      personally, I think he's banned PR to help some entity or entities take ove the the shares cheaply and may spinoff Xenerex after they have the votes. He still keeps Neurodex and AVN and they get the mother lode, Xenerex. If so, he'll be taken care of. His bizarre lack of concern about getting appropriate PR is amazing and the specialist, while not accused of any illegalities, has a tainted background. This is certainly not proper conduct for a CEO who is concerned about increasing shareholder value. That's my opinion.

    • Its not realistic. The bigger the company, the fewer the options. He has a lot of options at AVN. He won't want to blow those away. Yak is sitting on the same side of the table as the shareholders. Just relax and let the good times roll.


    • betterdoyourduediligencebetter betterdoyourduediligencebetter Jan 7, 2002 12:57 AM Flag

      What if he's promised a cushy job with tons of options (more than he'd ever see at AVN)?

    • Hello rudywsr,
      The way I read Yakatan is that he does not like leaving money on the table. Also, I do not believe it would be to Yakatan's best interest for a buyout to occur before neurodex is on the market. Hostile takeovers don't work with small biotechs. I think the chances of a buyout are slim to none.

      Best Regards,


    • Hello leroy_red_snapper,
      I think our "specialist" has not been involved in any illegal trading of AVN. Do you? I also have noticed that AVN has put out PRs about both Abreva and Xenerex. Yakatan has been presenting in front of many institutional investor forums. The word is getting out. Institutional interest has tripled in the last year. That is pretty good progress. Of course I would have preferred more. But, would it be realistic?

      Best Regards,


    • 3. talk to me

    • hey do you think Yakatan could find it in the kindness of his heart to get a firm that can tell the rest of the world about his brilliant business plan before every shareholder that stuck with this company for as long as they did gets swallowed up by some bigger company looking to rob candy from a baby?

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