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  • tom_costello_live_from_alcatrazz tom_costello_live_from_alcatrazz Jun 19, 2001 11:39 AM Flag

    MEDX to sell 175 million in convertable


    They have 322 million in the bank right now. they have dozens of partners who are paying something for the antibody services. they were profitable last quarter. yet they are diluting their stock and raising more cash to keep building.

    AVN has 20 million in the bank. if it is squeezing out 12 targets per quarter on its budget, that's pretty good management. but it's still small time. Now if they divest 20-25% of Xenerex for 200 million dollars or more, you would see a huge sustainable move in the stock price. no diluting of AVN's stock, and no spin-off necessary at this point.

    if you want a big time company, it has to make bold big time moves. just my armchair quarterback opinion after observing none of the touted accomplishments having much of an effect on the stock price.

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