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  • abrevaderci abrevaderci Jul 25, 2001 2:06 PM Flag

    volume under 14,000 at noon EST

    Someone wants in big time, it seems. Problem though, no longs will sell.

    Why do you say such stupid things? If they wanted in they would buy in. We had 1.6 million shares traded on 6/30. The price went up to 6.30. This shows that there are plenty of shares for anyone who wants to buy.

    Geez its like you are a lightning rod for dumbshit statements

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    • The stupidity of some of these people amaze me!!!!

    • abrevaderci... Have you considered that Institutions might have placed limit orders and there are not enough sellers at that price? Longs will sell, but at what price. tosch... statement was not stupid, most likely she was correct.

      It is good news that instituional buying is increasing. Institutions might be buying 50,000 shares a day. In 20 days that amounts to 1 million shares.

    • investing_for_idiots_101 investing_for_idiots_101 Jul 25, 2001 2:18 PM Flag

      you have discovered the subject of her thesis

    • is how they work. Look at Medarex driven down below 3. They want them cheap, but so far have been unsucessful in scaring the longs into selling.....BECAUSE THE LONGS HAVE DONE THEIR DD.

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      • Being a clueless jackass doesn't stop you from posting complete rubbish.
        Medarex went below 3 for a number of reasons:

        The climate for biotechs sucked

        Medarex had little cash on hand

        The HuMab platform was not even the company's main business thrust. They were developing monoclonal antibodies such as MDX210.

        The stock had been diluted by BCC's investment that was needed to pay off the former owners of the mouse platform (Genpharm).
        There were also rumors of further dilution because of the cash on hand situation.

        Novartis walked away from MDX210, and that was Medarex's big product.

        MDX-RA the cataract drug blew up in trials because of the inclusion of an irritant in the
        compound used to deliver the antibody.

        MEDX management had very little business acumen, and the street knew it.

        MEDX management was never shareholder-friendly. News on the pipeline and business development was never forthcoming. Deadlines were routinely blown, which never gives much comfort to the street.

        As anyone with half a brain can see, which excludes the Queen scumbag and her rodent Don Quixote, there were a number of very good reasons for MEDX to be suffering in the share-price department. These things take a little common sense to evaluate, so blaming a low share price on ghosts or conspiracies is far easier for simpletons like the Queen.

        The Ancients had a problem comprehending things like eclipses and even the change of seasons because they did not have the intelligence to figure out how things happened. Know we know that there was a tosch-bag equivalent long ago who looked up at the sun during a total eclipse, figured that there was a conspiracy of forces trying to steal the sun, and called the local witch doctor to have the conspiracy go away.
        the only real difference is that thousands of years ago, people didn't know any better. sadly, in this enlightened age, assholes like the Queen look to a boogeyman as the source of their problems rather than facing up to reality.

        One more point:
        The last problem that I listed for MEDX is a growing concern in my mind about AVN. Management has garnered no respect in the street, as evidenced by the share price. Things will have to change in this regards. Either by compliance or the plank if it need be.