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  • peacock582003 peacock582003 Jun 7, 2007 7:33 AM Flag

    Next news from ENMD will do it.

    Over $2.00 and moving much higher -steady and strong.Look for a dual annoucement very shortly.Its not If but when.IMHO of course.

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    • The company posted good news but the stock is down. Can anyone explain?

    • Peacock, as much as I would like your prognosis to happen it is readily apparent that it will not. They fairly well have released all the ASCO related news and we aren't any higher then we were last week. I don't want to dump on your party but simply be realistic. I own 24.5K shares and hope that in the next 1-2 years we see a nice big price increase but I am now convinced nothing major will happen, even a permanent move above $2, until something truly concrete is announced. A real phase 3 could do that. And the big move I hope for out in the future beyond 1-2 years is a "real" product. I am now convinced from the action over the last few years that is all that will do it any longer. Holding and hoping but not for anything great anytime soon.

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      • The next news might do it, but only if by "news" you mean compelling human trial results. I believe that will happen soon, assuming "soon" means sometime between today and 18 months from now.


      • Well stated. It seems that many of the posters who forecast big leaps in share price do so without any supporting evidence. It's fun to cheer lead, but it makes for a crummy investment approach.

        I'm with you. I don't see ENMD collapsing, but I also don't see anything to drive share price higher in the near term.

        Fortunately, ENMD has a solid cash position ($46 million), enough to sustain development for about 2 years. By then, the picture should become much clearer.

        Only thing to do is hold for now.