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  • izmatic01 izmatic01 Mar 8, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    First they tell us they are going to Paris

    then they leave the shareholders hanging upside down with no news.

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    • Like I said previously - maybe someone just likes Paris in the almost springtime (can you say boondoggle, I knew you could)....but the presence at the Paris event couldn't hurt, and who knows which influential people attended. Look Kleiner, Perkins is a serious VC to invest one of their funds money in ENMD also is more positive than if they didn't invest.

      Finally, this outfit that just had to reveal that they are holding a passive 6.17% of ENMD stock is interesting. This outfit invests in a number of biotech/healthcare newbies so the ENMD holding (which they put up $1.666 million for) might just be one of many bets from which they might expect some winners and some losers...nonetheless, that's a sizeable bet - or could they have heard something?

      At least the daily volume in ENMD stock trades is respectable versus the days of only trading a few hundred or a few thousand shares in a day.

      I'm holding to the end at this point unless the company does something really negative.

    • Izzy…I doubt if there is any important investor news from the Paris poster. Most likely the clinicians explained how they associated the various markers with the appropriate patient populations. Until the study has collected enough data to be significant….it is only an explanation of methodologies.

    • tborges732 Mar 8, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

      Most likely because there is no new news... my guess is this is a rehash of the J. Diamond publication and the search for a potential biomarker for TNBC based upon p53 expression...