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  • izmatic01 izmatic01 Mar 30, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    see aol news

    Cancer Drug That Shrinks All Tumors Set To Begin Human Clinical Trials

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    • Tumors, Healthy Living News .Researchers are one step closer to uncovering a cancer treatment that could be applicable across the board in killing every kind of cancer tumor.

      After successful trials in mice, the cancer drug that so far has shrunk or cured all types of tumors it has been tested against will now move to human clinical trials, thanks to a $20 million grant.

      A study published March 2012 discusses researchers' find that the one-for-all antibody drug successfully blocks a specific protein, CD47, from tricking the body's immune system into not destroying harmful cells. Though this protein is present on the surface of healthy blood cells, the team from Stanford University's School of Medicine determined that CD47 levels were significantly higher in all cancer cells.

      The single antibody treatment works by blocking the protein's signal, thus

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      • The study was conducted by the University of Stanford Medical School... as far as I know there is no pharma involvement ...yet.... The study is over a year old and was published last August... and importantly this is a preclinical study in mice... Entremed successfully "cured" cancer in mice 15 years ago... the transition from mice to humans is problematic as we learned with Endostatin. However, that said, it they are successful in human trials... think what it would mean for mankind!

      • This is potentially troubling for ENMD. If this kills the same kind of tumors that ENMD's drug does and it has now gone to clinical trials, ENMD may be a day late and many dollars short. The folks who put $20 Million into this likely looked at other options including ENMD and decided ENMD was not where they wanted to put their money. ENMD may be left with the China market which is big, but could be shut out of the US and other markets. This needs close watching.

      • I saw this on TV last week. I should have googled the name of the doctor to ascertain possibly the company's connection. Nowadays, you can learn anything with the right combination of words on google