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  • northpolexmastrees northpolexmastrees Feb 20, 2011 10:58 AM Flag

    Wake Up. EXPE vs PCLN is meaningless

    You are wasting your time comparing EXPE vs PCLN. That's missing the big picture.

    EXPE and PCLN will rise and fall on the same tide. What is important is the intermediaries vs the airline company vs GOOGLE

    Read the news. EXPE is trying to block google from entering the market on the grounds of anti-trust. That means they fear a monopoly. EXPE doesn't even use the same software as Google.

    Even without Google the margins are going to continue to shrink as the airlines feel the pressure to squeeze out the middleman.

    If there is anything left Google will swallow it whole.

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    • I disagree. I think you underestimate how insidious the google model is and underestimate how much power they yield.

      Exepdia has to pay google to be on top of a search for travel sites. Otherwise the search results are so called organic. Unfortunately, this is a euphanism because Google will divert traffic despite what they say to what profits them the most.

      In addition Google chrome is fast becoming the most popular browser as well.

      Effectively thats 2 huge obstacles that google can place in front of Expedia or Priceline or anyone else they want if it drives traffic away from there service.

    • I think the point is if google is such a threat why is it not a threat to priceline which is soaring. These doodmsday senarios are often nothing but air.

      We have good profits, good growth, end of story.

      Tripadvisor is the model of the future and Expedia has a 5 year lead on google.

      My question is whether all this tech money spent is to get ads direct instead of through google. Maybe it is the other way around, tripadvisor is a threat to google.

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      • Google is a threat to Priceline as well. They are both in hot water. To say that Expedia has a 5 year lead on Google is poor reasoning. Thats like saying the telegram has a lead on the telephone or horses had a lead on cars.

        You cant compete with google. It would be like a little league baseball team vs the NY yankees.

        Comparing Expedia Vs Priceline is also poor reasoning. It's like comparing ketchup vs mustard. Yes they are both great sauces but if you dont have the french fries they are both useless on their own.

        This stock has a long way to fall.

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