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  • beststocktrades2 beststocktrades2 Apr 26, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    I dont see this improving

    I bought yesterday AH, after the numbers came out. And it tanked so fast, I did not know what to do. And now? I sunk 5k into this thing. Any suggesstions?

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    • no big deal. Just sell covered calls every week to recover your loss. This stock isn't going anywhere soon but you can still recover.

    • Such is life in the stock world. This is still a very good company, well managed, I would have patience. This stock does move around pretty well and don't see a problem with Expedia's business.
      What you should do that is more important than your 5 grand, is enjoy the weather and don't worry.
      By the way, how much money did you lose (You don't lose anything until you sell) - it doesn't seem that much if you bought 5k? I say you are down about $500, which I do not think will break the bank.
      "Investing" is the keyword. When you invest you lose and gain money, depending on what is going on. The hope is that you gain more than you lose or why invest in the first place? How much gain will make it worth your time and energy? That's up to you.

    • flood.stocks Apr 26, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

      Simple answer:

      Get out or get long. It's not rebounding today buddy. If you're like me and the other AH chumps, which it seems you are, you took a 14% hit. (Down from $67-69). Per my math 14% x $5000 = 700. That's nothing to sneeze at but hardly a hard loss for any retail investor.

      Accept you got burned. You're not alone. Live to play another day chief.

      Sentiment: Hold

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