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  • sons_of_shivaji sons_of_shivaji Jul 21, 2003 8:03 PM Flag

    IQ Theory of All Tiny Penis

    All Unmighty Stub,

    How the hell is it possible to write that India's average IQ is 87?

    Has anyone tested ALL ONE BILLION PEOPLE?

    This is bullshit white propaganda so that those stool-jockey overweight unemployed Norm types can feel "superior". This way, the whites who can barely add can pat themselves on the back, because the white IQ is sufficiently "high".

    The sad fact is that there are Indians who will believe that they are actually inferior!

    Answer these questions:

    1. Since the British were basically enslaved by the Romans for over 400 years, does it mean that the Romans had a higher IQ than the British? If so, why didn't they keep their empire?

    2. Scotland was the poorest nation in Europe for 500 years---but, the Scots ended up being the vanguards of capitalism, philosophy, etc within 150 years! Did their IQ suddenly increase?

    3. How come the British with their average IQ of 100 to India's 87, couldn't keep their empire? Why does Britain not make anything? Britain doesn't make anything anymore---no cars, no electronics, no real innovation, nothing...

    It's impossible to measure the average IQ of one billion people.

    BTW, here are some facts from the history books---Up until 1800, India accounted for 30% of the world economy, and China over 40%.

    Nutrition counts for a lot in relation to IQ. Indians in India definitely are not as well nourished as in the West. The Indians in the West are definitely nourished well, and the effects of that level playing field are apparent.

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    • The figure of 87 must have been calculated before the division of India.

      Actually, after pakistan broke off from India, India's average IQ must have jumped 50 points!

      pak SUXX

    • You are wrong about one thing. Indians in the east or the west are inferior. Many times working with Indians I felt they were inferior. They are mostly small, short, dark skinned, vegatarian eating cow worshippers. A 5 MPH wind could blow them over

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      • Careful paki,

        You insult Indians with such eloquence. I didn't realize that paks had such a mastery of the english language! Which madrassa did you attend? Was your concentration in car-b%mbing?

        Be wary. Inevitably as much as you insult Indians, someday you'll be interviewed by one and you will sure as hell work for one.


      • paki whore-son,

        Is this why those vegetarian Hindus split your country in two, and took 93,000 POWs in six hours of fighting?

        Pork-eater jinnah would be damn proud!

        In fact, pak with all their F-16s and flashy toys couldn't take Indians who flew British Gnats from the Korean War.

        Pak's entire Air Force was decimated within the first day of fighting! We can thank our Baluchi spies for that information...

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