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  • gemini553 gemini553 Mar 10, 2008 11:31 AM Flag

    If computers could make people rich...

    How come there are so many poor people in the USA? Obviously, they could day trade and make a fortune. Ah! it's not that simple.. Last yr I decided to day trade. I made 42 trades and I made money on 40 trades losing 2. My gross profits were 259 k+. I was very happy to pay taxes on the bounty. But I have been in this game for 40+ yrs... COMPUTER's are idiot boxes... They can't make you money.

    Chartists have holes in the bottom of their shoes...if chartists were that smart then we should have lots of chartists running around in Lamborgini's... Look around ! do you see any?

    Now I come to the radical muslim hedge fund riaders who want to short INFY because it stands as the symbol of India's EXCELLANCE. They don't have the money, they are bleeding from sub prime mess not to mention CDO's and other derivatives, highly leveraged positions. Then you have had yen carry trades etc... This yr all the hedge fund bets will be unwound. As they deleverage their positions expect huge rallies as they cover their shorts... run away rallies with gaps and final crowning where all the shorts will be given their deathwish.

    so there you have it in a nutshell. INFY is a screaming BUY right here and as the base building period passes, passing the baton to ever upward lifting prices, the shorts will be dealt with mercilessly... Remember, we don't take any prisoners.. so they must put a crown on top of the parabolic move.


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